Down to the last week . . .

It is now the last week in October. And yet it still gets hot during the day. Freaking Arizona. I say we all just move out of this crazy state and go to either Portland, or England. OK, maybe I am being a little too dramatic here. But wouldn’t that be wild? A mass exodus of people to Portland or England.

But anywho, that is not what the post is about. It is about making sure everyone knows that this is the last week. That is right, we are down to the final days here. After a few days, it will be too late for many people. If you have not thought of your decision yet, you only have a couple few days left. So think hard, and think really good. I know I have made my decision, and I hope it is good. Because after a few days, I will know if it was or not. So if you have not decided, now is the time.

I guess I can not stress this enough. We only have a few days left. Because in the begining of November starts another term. That is right. November 1st, I married Elise. We will start a whole new marital year together. So you only have a few days left to get us a gift. I still prefer Little Debbie snack, and my wife prefers X-Box 360 games, or computer software. So if you have not decided what to get us, then you only have a few days left. I have decided what I am going to get Elise (and if she doesn’t like it I know someone who will . . . ) .

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  1. stephen says:

    I am leaning toward England. Portland is nice, but I really felt so much at home in England when I was there. So when are we going 😉

  2. Kim says:

    You’re funny Steve. I’m with you on this freakin’ Arizona weather. I’m so sick of it. So which is it- Portland or England? I’m game for either.