Marrakech: Day Two

The first day was good, the second, not so good. Meetings and meetings. Too many meetings. And to top all of that off, I think I either lost the power cable for my camera, or did not pack it. Elise says it is not at home, so it must be lost. So my picture taking is done unless I find a new power cable for the Casio camera I have. Which really bites. This resort is pretty nice. It is not all that bad, but still I wish I had a camera to take pictures with.

And Wednesday is our presentation. I am hoping it goes well. Everyone else at this conference has been going over time, that some of the break out sessions have been moved around. Why not just stay within time allotted? Now our presentation has gone from 50 minutes to 25 minutes. Not that we are going to talk alot, but that now there are last minute edits which may make my job hard.

Oh well. If I find a camera, I will post more stuff. If not, then I will just draw a picture with crayons and tape to the screen to share. Thats the way these puters work right? You take a picture and just get it on the screen and everyone should be able to see, right? I can see it.

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2 Responses

  1. marcos says:

    Homer thinking: Oh I wish I had a TV, oh how I miss TV!

    John decided to give me your check instead of sending it to you, I told him you wouldn’t mind since you were on the Marrakech Express.

    Hope you’re having fun though, but don’t get bit by any tsetse flies.

  2. elise says:

    I am talking to you right now. I’m glad your presentation went so well. Bummed about the camera though. I miss seeing pictures of what you are seeing.