Last night in America

So this is my last night in America for the next 8 days. I am not happy about going, but I am doing it anyway. It is all for work and I will do my best to not be scared and freaked out. I am flying from Phoenix to London Heathrow. From there, I am going to Marrakech. Elise will not be alone, though, she will have her brother and her brother-in-law here to watch over her and the family.

I am going for work, because if I was not going for work, I would not be going at all. Nine hours in economy on a 747 is not my idea of a holiday. But one of the events that we are doing is going on a camel ride. We also have to present and my part in this is really small. It is just pressing buttons, but that even takes a little bit of timing otherwise we just look goofy up there. I will be taking some pictures as well. I may post them, I may not. I may just end up getting a monkey paw like Homer Simpson did.

Marrakech is seven hours ahead of Phoenix time. So if you have Vista, you can set the clocks on the Sidebar to Marrakech time. I did it to my system so Elise would know what time it is when I am miserable. Which she really does not need a clock to know that. It is at all times, so no clock is needed for that. Well, I guess I am not miserable when I drive on the freakin Phoenix freeways, I am just completely upset at the idiocy that is out there. But that is the only times.

It may be good on this trip, and Elise says she is trying not to be jealous of me. But if she knew what I was going up against, she would not be too jealous. It is not like I am running around with a shovel and pale on the beaches, or running up and down greens with the a nine iron. I am going to be in meetings, and I am going to be trying my best to have fun. I most likely will, but I am really worried about traveling. If I do not like the flight, then I will be staying in London and becoming a London resident. Elise and the kids will need to come over.

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  1. Alisa says:

    I’m probably too late to give Steve this advice…but anytime I have to fly overseas I just drug myself with Tylenol PM or Unisom. Go to sleep and wake up when it’s all over. It makes it much less miserable. Of course, then you risk missing the delicious tin dinners that the airline provides!!!! I mean, who wants to miss out on rubbery chicken and stale bread!? Just my two cents…for what it’s worth.

  2. Marcy says:

    If I may put in my two cents…Monkey paw, monkey paw!

    OK-I’ll also say I’m totally jealous as well. Marrakech! Come on Steve that’s cool. I hope you get to see a little bit of london too, beside the inside of the tube. And hey, if you end up moving there you’ll be alot closer to us. We could visit all the time. Maybe that’s a point against the move…