Utah: Week 25

We also drove around American Fork (Fark), and Elise could not resist this picture, you can barely see the mountains in the background

Merry Christmas everyone! This past week was amazing and we had a lot of fun. There are a lot of pictures this week, so I will not write too much for the post. But to cover some highlights:

Elise took the kids snow skiing this past week. Kas and Netter loved it, Zo was hesitant and instead decided she would rather just play in the snow bank on the side of the slopes. Which was fine, the kids did not go past anything major, and mainly stayed on the return run just by the bunny slopes. The tow rope was busted for most of the day, but they still were able to go through some of the bottom runs and learn. Zo, said she will do it next year.

Elise made tamales this week, and had a family from the Ward over. They made tons of tamales and had fun doing it. It seemed like it was fun and the kids seemed to laugh about the kids that came over. Elise said it was fun and it seemed like a ton of fun too.

Elise’s friend from Slovenia came over this past week too. Her name is Maja (pronounced My-ya). We had her over for dinner and Elise and her talked a long time. She has never seen the Lord of the Rings movies, and since the Hobbit came out, the DirecTV channels have been playing the LoTR movies and she was amazed that so many people liked it. She is a great person too, and I liked having her over.

And of course, it is Christmas. For Christmas, I am very much a Humbug. I do not like what this has turned in to. So for Christmas, we do not do a lot of the hustle and bustle of buying trinkets and crap. We figure we can do that any time of the year. So for Christmas, we do a home made gift for everyone in the family. So the kids were finishing those up, and it really makes a huge difference when they open their presents. They know that the present is personal and heartfelt. This is not to take away the traditions of anyone else, or the exchanging of store bought gifts. I really do not want to demean anyone else’s traditions. I just relate this as it makes this time of year much more bearable for me, to see the kids eyes all surprised about their gifts. Of course, Santa brings the “big store bought” gifts for the kids, and they like those. I can just see how different they are when they watch each other open the gifts they spent hours (and sometimes days) doing for each other.

Anyway, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

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