Utah: Week 20

On Saturday, Elise and I went out to get lunch, and we got these cool toe socks. The girls were excited that they had to put them on right away.

Twenty Weeks and now comes the Thanksgiving Week. The Hird family is now a Utah family. We are settling in to this new environment and doing all the things we need to do, and living in Utah as a regular now instead of outsiders. We are still outsiders, but not as much anymore.

This past week was more of the same. The kids went to school and did homework, I was traveling to LA for all week meetings. We had fun and excitement. We are also preparing for the Holiday season. One of the things I absolutely hate about the Holiday season is the greed and the bitterness. So many people scurrying around and buying trinkets and unnecessary items. So for our family we are doing “Homemade Christmas” again. Last year we did not do that because we were moving from one place to another and just did not have time or energy to spend on that. But this year we are. We are also going to find somewhere we can donate our time, and commit to it for an entire year.

So this past week this is what the kids started on doing. The girls were making items for their cousins, and thinking of what to do for each of us. I really like this, because the presents given are done with a lot more thought, and a lot more personal than some trinket you can get at Target or Best Buy or wherever. The best gift I ever got was a home made gift from my kids that made me cry because it was so good.

Anyway, this past week Zo got to go see Swan Lake at U of Utah. It was only a partial presentation and so she was left with questions as why it ended the way it did. Kas and Netter had fun this week playing with friends and playing Halo 4. All of this was fun while I was in LA. The snow mostly melted on the ground, but is still on the mountain tops.

That is it for this week. The pictures are below. Most likely there will be a lot more next week for the Thanksgiving Day week. Oh, and I have not forgotten about Megan’s prize for the caption contest. She will get next week’s post. We will see her anyway this coming week so I can get all the details then.

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