Utah: Week 13

The mountains are changing colors, so are the leaves.

September is gone, and now is October. This past week Utah saw some storms and snow at the tops of the mountains, Netter had a field trip, Kas had student led conferences and Zo was a happy girl all through the week. And I got to go to Los Angeles to have 3 days of marathon meetings.

But the good part first. Netter went on a field trip this past week. She went to a Civil War re-enactment that she thought was fun. She saw different camps, different ways they did things back then. They also got to watch a battle. But for some reason the East won, what the heck was the East doing there? I thought it was a battle between the North and the South. But I guess in Utah, they just do things a little different. OK, just kidding about the East stuff. Netter had some fun while at the trip.

Kas had student led conferences. All of his teachers said he was doing great. They all love to have him in class and he is doing real well. Kas is having fun at school too. He has made a lot of friends and he seems to be having a fun time. After I got back from my trip, Kas, Zo and I all watched Dr Who say farewell to the Ponds. It was a good episode. But I think Kas does not want Dr Who to take a break just yet. He is just too into the show.

I went on a business trip in LA. I got to spend some time at the Fox Plaza, and meet with a lot of different groups. It was good for the most part. A lot of good things happened, and I hope some good came out of it. I still like this project we are doing and think we could really productize this into a better service that could be leveraged by many different areas. But that is just me.

So for this week, we have 21 pictures below. Have fun this week. Oh, and for Brian, here is what it looks like for the week in Utah:
Mon 50 / 79
Tue 50 / 81
Wed 39 / 69
Thu 46 / 72
Fri 40 / 68
Sat 39 / 64
Sun 42 / 68

So if there was ever a week to come out to Utah, it would be this week. Because I saw the forecast for AZ (aka Hell), which is triple digits for this week. So bring Kim and Joe up here and we can have some fun in some cooler weather.

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