Utah: Week 12

When I stepped onto this path I saw rabbits, squirrels, and birds all flee to the foreign sound of human footsteps.

Almost 3 months in the state of UT.  Crazy!  The weather is starting to cool off, and the leaves look like flames on the trees.  Thank heavens, after a summer filled with wildfires, these flames are just a result of the changing seasons.  I am so excited for Fall!  It’s my favorite time of year.  I don’t have a lot to put up this week.  With Stephen preparing for his trip to LA, and me being sick, we did not adventure as much as we would have liked.

Monday and Tuesday, I got in a couple good runs.  I found a great little place for photos.  I can’t wait to go back with some models.  Even without them, it was a beautiful little solitary park.  I love the serenity of it.  You’d never guess it was right behind the high school, as it is hidden from view, down a hill.

Wednesday, Kas reminded me it was talk like a pirate day.  So, of course, it was necessary to dress like a pirate and go get free donuts from Krispy Kreme.  My plan was to go to the temple after I dropped off the girls.  Luckily, I have a couple skirts that are easily adaptable.  I dressed very simply for the temple, then after coming out, and driving down to Orem to pick up Stephen, I added a few accessories to my ensemble.  Viola!  Instant pirate!  You know, I don’t even really like donuts.  I didn’t eat even one out of the whole dozen.  My kids were happy, though, and that’s what matters.  Plus, I got to dress like a pirate and go to lunch with my husband.  I don’t think the bbq place was expecting pirates that day.  Side note: That was one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve ever had.  Must go back!

So, that night I started feeling the cold hit hard.  I was layed up for the next few days.  I don’t really remember much of them, but the girls made some killer burgers for dinner one night.  I’m so excited that they are able to do that.  I didn’t even get up once to help them.  They had it completely under control.  I know we watched some football over the weekend.  Sundays Cards game was so much fun!

The best thing about the weekend was the end, though.  Instead of the regular church meetings, our stake got to participate in the Brigham City Temple Dedication.  For the broadcast of the dedication, the Stake Center was considered an extension of the temple.  Each of my kids interviewed with the bishopric and got their own recommends.  President Packer presided and gave the dedicatory prayer.  What a sweet, yet powerful man.  The Spirit was so strong, and peaceful.  I’m glad my kids got to experience that.

We wrapped it up with a dinner at one of Antoinette’s friend’s houses.  I had just met her mother earlier at the dedication, and about an hour after we got home I got a call, and invitation to dinner.  They are a great family, full of little girls.  Kas hung out with us adults upstairs, while all the girls ran around the basement and backyard.  He even introduced them the Monte Python’s Upper Class Twit of the Year.  Monte Python Upper Class Twit of the Year

Unfortunately, Stephen didn’t get to come with us, since he was preparing for his presentation in LA.  Which, from what I hear, went very well.  But that’s for the next blog.




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