Another Saturday

OK, since I am so busy right now, and have very little time, it looks like I will be posting on a Saturday instead of a Friday.

Anywhoo, I could get all serious about the monstrosity that is in the nations capital now. The idiots in DC who claim they represent us have ignored the people completely and voted for the Cap and Trade bill, so we can start kissing goodbye to our jobs since most companies will move overseas now. Or I could get all serious about the problems we have with the government and how they are trying to change our great Republic into a Monarchy/Dictatorship. But those just are not for right now, that is for next week.

This week is a sad week for me. Right now, I should be traveling to Portland with my family. We were going to leave yesterday (Friday) and get there sometime today. However, there were other circumstances that prevented us from going, and not all of it is about money, more with deadlines and work. Which is good, because that means I still have a job right now, but I just miss out on a vacation. At least the kids got to go to Page, AZ this year.

But I really wanted to go this week. Especially since at the time I am writing this, 7:33 am, the temperature outside is (according to 92 degrees. Yikes! 7:30 in the morning and we are closing in to 100 already. High is supposed to be 108. Maybe the AZ government can pass a bill to create a C Montgomery Burns Sun Blocker machine for the Phoenix Valley and block all this sun, maybe cool us down a little to like 104 degrees. I digress. Portland was so beautiful when we went there. I love the rain. I love the green that is all over there. I love that the ocean is so close. One of the best places I have been is Depot Bay. That was such a great place. So relaxing and so calming. I think I could stay there for weeks upon end and never leave. Just sitting by the ocean, watching the wales, and listening to waves. I loved it there. I would love to go back there soon.

You know, thinking about this, I think what I really need is a city that has a river running through it. I loved London and it had the Thames. I loved Portland and it had (IIRC) the Willamette. And before anyone mentions the Salt River and Phoenix, let me just clarify that the rivers I like are the ones that actually have water flowing. I do not know what it is, maybe it is something.

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2 Responses

  1. Kim says:

    Also Portland and London have clouds and cool weather – not constant blazing hot sunlight.

  2. Ginger says:

    I agree with your point regarding the Salt River and I also would sign a petition for the Mr. Burns thing.