It’s been quite a while since I wrote on here, and since It’s kind of late and I want to get up early to run I’ve decided to just make mostly a photo blog.

The kids and I spent a few days up in Page visiting Emily and her family.  We had a great time.  Stephen unfortunately had to stay home to work but at least he had some peace and quiet during summer break.  I have put some of these pictures up on facebook but I know not everyone uses it.  Anyway there are way more on here.

We had so much fun hiking in Slot Canyon and then at Lake Powell for a few hours before we had to go home.  It was absolutely beautiful there.  The rock formations were amazing.  Enjoy a glimpse of the Northern AZ high desert.dsc_4523-smalldsc_4489-small1

crossing the Glen Canyon Bridge

crossing the Glen Canyon Bridge



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  1. elise says:

    It was a blast. Sorry I forgot to link the pictures to the whole picture. It would have made it alot better if everyone actually had a face in their pictures.