This is the Hird Family.

Utah: Week 16

We have made it 16 weeks. That is almost 4 months. And with the current week’s weather coming up, now we get to see how tough we really are. The week coming up is going to be cold. Very cold. This past week had plenty of excitement, thrills, and death defying events. Ok, well, it …

After dropping off Sid for the BYU game, they hung out in downtown Provo

Utah: Week 15

The previous week brought a lot of fun and exciting times to us. However, we did have to say goodbye to Brecken and Tom, as they left to go back to AZ. So that made the kids sad, but then we had a fun and exciting time here as the week progressed. First off was …

OK, here it is, the pumpkin gang ready to cut these pumpkins open, hopefully the Great Pumpkin will not see this

Utah: Week 14

October cold breezes bring good things, I think. The kids are dealing with their first real cold spell and were fascinated by the ice on the grass. Just wait kids. Especially when it snows and mean old daddy makes you shovel the driveway and the sidewalk. Then I am not so sure they will be …

The mountains are changing colors, so are the leaves.

Utah: Week 13

September is gone, and now is October. This past week Utah saw some storms and snow at the tops of the mountains, Netter had a field trip, Kas had student led conferences and Zo was a happy girl all through the week. And I got to go to Los Angeles to have 3 days of …

Antoinette, ready for school.

Utah: Week 11

So this past week was one filled entirely of Kas! It was his birthday on September 11 and we celebrated as much as we could. And the girls made sure they reminded him that he would not be as cool as he is without them. Which I agree. The girls keep him honest. This past …

On the way to the theatre we saw this gang of tuffs running around the park

Utah: Week 10

So the Hird Family has made it a full 10 weeks in Utah. Not sure how we did it, but we did. Luckily we had a 3 day weekend to get through a really tough week, for me at least. And we did have some fun on Labor Day. We realized we never took the …

A brilliant picture of the rainbow

Utah: Week 9

OK, this past week was really uneventful, except for the storms that came in to Utah. So this weeks pictures are full of storm pictures. But next week looks more promising. Sorry I am not writing more, kind of a lot on the plate right now.

Elise takes these some times when she is out running

Utah: Week 8

This past week was one of adventure! Well sort of. The kids started school in Utah for the first week, and Kas did not want his picture taken. He was very adamant about just getting to school. Zo and Netter however were a little different, they wanted a ton of pictures. So Elise grabbed a …

We made it to Wyoming

Utah: Week 6

This past week was really not all that eventful, until we got to the weekend. It started like any ordinary week. The girls went to swim lessons. While there, they saw that a gymnastics class was offered. So they got to go to that and see how it was, and both of the girls loved …

Along the walk they found a bridge.

Utah: Week 5

We have now lasted a whole month here in Utah. Not sure if I am going to last through August. The heat here is almost as bad as the heat in Arizona. I really was hoping to get a little less heat. But now I know. For next year, in July and August, I just …