Utah: Week 26

All the kids out with Elise and Natalie to sled

If you are reading this, then those tricky Mayans did not destroy your world, and you survived the Holiday Death March. If you are not reading this, but are looking at the words on the screen, then: kjbsdvji slh slhv gl xvlk glsd flk gsldkf glg halfkg liug svlig slfhg lsfg liug sfliug.

But here we are though, still in Utah during the winter. We had some guests come over this week and our kids have loved it. Tom and Natalie came to visit us for a few days and they have been having fun in the snow. So it has been a fun last week. I got my new system, and an update for the office: a couch. Now Elise can come in and be with me while I work at home. And yes Reuben, the new couch is from Ikea, so we are more Ikea now than ever!

Well, you did not come here to read my words, just look at pictures. Which this week I did not do anything special to them, I just used them as they are, so they are not in chronological order or anything else that is special.

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  1. Monique says:

    Things I did not know about my siblings: Elise gets cranky without her cup of snow, Tom has to be plugged in.