Utah: Week 24

These are designs my Mom did, and these are so great, it brings back so many memories of my early childhood

This is week 24. I am doing things a little different these next few weeks. Instead of posting on Monday, I will post on either Tuesday or Wednesday so that you can see all the cool things for the Christmas. Then when we get to the new year, I will resume on the Monday posts, maybe.

This past week we did tons of cool stuff. The kids had fun, Kas had a concert, Elise shot a wedding, and Kas and I went to the midnight showing of the Hobbit in 3D.

And as usual, we got some snow and played in it once again. Oh, Elise, Kas and I all gave talks in Sacrament Meeting this past week. I gave a talk on how I am destined to be the Avenging Angel and the first thing I am coming back for is all the crappy Utah drivers. So if you want to stay my hand, then quit driving so crappily! Just kidding, but I really did want to say that to them, so freaking frustrating to be around these drivers. It was safer and better in California! But we talked about the restoration and Joseph Smith.

Anyway, we had an enjoyable time visiting with my Grandma Haws. She is always so fun to talk to. I really want the kids to get to know her better and also know more about my Mom. We are going to see her every week, and hopefully she can tell me kids about my Mom, and maybe I will learn more too. As I hear those stories I will post those here too. Because alot of them are funny. Here is one to share.

When my Mom was young and going to kindergarten, she had a tough time and did not want to go back. So my grandma wrote a note to the teacher and pinned it to her jacket. After that note, everything was good. When she grew up, my Mom had a problem with one of her kids not wanting to go to kindergarten, and she called Grandma Haws to ask what that note said. My mom was looking for any help to get this kid to school. Grandma Haws said she probably did not want to know, but my Mom insisted. So the note went something like: “Antoinette is having a rough time in school, and would you please watch over here. There is some boy in class that she seems to not get along with. And knowing Antoinette, it is probably because of her.” My Mom was shocked about this and couldn’t believe that was what the note said. So they talked a little more about the issue with getting my Mom’s kid to school. Unfortunately, this kid that would not go to school and was being obstinate was me. And I am sure it was my fault too somehow. But that is one story about my mom.

Ok, enough with the “blah blah blah” stuff and on to the pictures.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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