Utah: Week 23

Zo wanted us to take this picture to show everyone that this is her decoration

It’s beginning to look (and feel) alot like Christmas! And this past week the weather was very weird and the kids had a lot of fun. For me, it was the same old thing, go to work, try not to be overloaded and make sure I tickle the kids. For the most part that worked, the only thing that did not work out was that I did get overloaded at work this past week.

But this past week we did decorate the tree. We did find something troubling, though. As we looked through the boxes for decorations, it seems to be that we have lost a full box of decorations. Which kind of sucks, because that had some of the decorations for the kids, and ours. Each year we buy a new gift for each of the kids and for us. The kids get to choose what they want, so the decorations are special to them. So it kind of sucks we do not have those anymore. But anyway, we still got the tree decorated.

Netter was awarded the 5th Grader of the Week at her school. So we went out to celebrate that award. It was packed on Saturday at Texas Roadhouse. And when I say packed, I swear everyone in Utah Valley was at that one location. People were standing everywhere, and it was kind of odd, I am not sure I would want to eat in some of those tables because it was like people were standing right over them while they ate. Very odd, not sure I want to go back there on a weekend.

It snowed a few days here. The cold is setting in too. So it is not just snow, but it is cold too. Now the kids are not sure they want to be here for this anymore. Now that it is getting to be cutting cold, it is getting to the kids. But that is the fun of this.

Anyway. here are some pics from the past week.

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