Utah: Week 19

Since I still am not driving, Elise came to get me, and took a few pictures on the way home, which this one is really nice

November is upon us. Colder winds, changing colors in nature and visits from snow flakes are all around. And this month looks to be a huge month for the Hird Family. But lets get down to business.

Last week’s caption contest proved to be an extreme failure. I guess it really should not be. After all, with two comments, that basically counts for 66% participation from my readers. I did post the same URL to Facebook twice, and got 2 comments from that. So maybe if I post to Facebook 100 times I would get 100 comments? Well, doubtful, because 2 comments do represent 66% of my readers. I kid, I kid. This last week I am awarding the winner to Megan. So for the next post, she gets to rename the site for a week and change the colors. But this week we are going to do another contest and see if this changes anything. The prize this week is going to be a lot better, but that is at the end.

This past week was filled with work, and struggles like always. The family stayed the course and went to school, went to work, did house work, and all that other great stuff. However, by the end of the week, Utah decided to give us some snow. And that was the cool part, pun intended. On Friday, Elise and Zo took me to work and Netter to school. When we walked out to the Jeep, it was lightly raining. By the time we were getting in the Jeep, the rain turned to snowflakes. We saw the rain turn to snowflakes. As we drove out of our neighborhood, the snow kept falling. Then we went down the hill. As we started to go down, we passed the freeze line once again and saw the snow turn to rain. It was a really cool thing to witness.

Friday evening more snow dumped on the land. What was really odd about this, is all the sidewalks, the driveways, the streets were not covered in snow when we got home. It was like someone already shoveled and plowed those. But no one did. It was like the snow was told to only accumulate on the non paved areas. Really odd. Saturday morning Elise and I went to Walmart to get a shovel and a couple of ice scrapers. We need them now, so why wait, just get them now. After we came back, the kids wanted to play in the snow.

Kids playing in the snow lasted about 20 minutes, then they were cold. We came in, made breakfast and stayed by the fireplace. Then Zo wanted to go out again. So Elise went out with her. Then the other kids followed. I stayed inside as my foot was still hurting, but I wanted to be out there with them. They had fun, built a snow man and played around. Then they came in to get some hot chocolate. I really love my kids and wish I was not so broken down.

As I get ready to go to LA this week, I am looking at all these older pictures of the kids. I remember holding each of them as they were small and so cuddly. Each one of them had their own distinctive personalities even as a baby. And I miss that, I know my kids have to grow up, but I wish I was not working all the time and I seem to be missing my kids growing up. I remember one time when Kas was still a little child. We were asking him who his best friend is. I was thinking it would have been me. He said it was Boston. Then we asked who was next, and next and next. I was not in there We kept asking him, finally I asked, “Where does Daddy fall in?”. Kas, being ever the clever kid he was, responded without delay: “In a hole”. Elise and I just cracked up at that.

And that gets us to this week’s contest. The prize this week is a 24 ounce box of chocolates (ie 24 oz. Whitman’s Sampler® Assorted Chocolates). So now you know the prize. To get this prize, you must comment below and share your funniest memory of one of our kids. Use the comment box below to share this story, and next Sunday, Elise and I will go over each story and choose a winner.

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