Utah: Week 18

Zo made this pumpkin watch while she drew kitty whiskers on the other one

We have now made it through October and are starting on November. This past week gave us many photos, some of which you may have already seen on Facebook this past week. Others were because my family is awesome-sauce when it comes to Halloween. And me, well I am trying to still get better after getting a cold last week and being out of commission for a while.

Alright, since Stephen was sick for most of last week, and so missed the action, I am finishing this up.

I kind of feel like last week was a blur.  Antoinette had a big field trip.  We’re talking BIG!  All the 5th grade got to go up to an overnight camp-out (in cabins) at Clear Creek.  I don’t really know where that is, but it took 2 hrs to get there, and there was still snow on the ground.  Addie had been looking forward to it all year.  She was so excited, she wasn’t even upset that she would miss the ward Halloween party.  Monday we were getting ready for that.  She is growing so fast that she needed some new jeans.  Plus, Kas needed some finishing touches for Sherlock, like an overcoat, so we went to my favorite store.  SAVERS!!  I know, what a “mean” mom to make my kids wear somebody else’s old, used stuff.  The great thing about it is, they love it as much as I do.  There are all kinds of amazing deals, and they know that shopping there gives me more $$$$$ to buy other really important things for them, like video games and eggnog milk shakes. (Stephen’s edit – She forgot to add computers and computer like things, like iPads, X-Boxes, Jeeps, etc)

After we finished up there, we went and picked up Stephen from work.  I’ve been driving him, since he has this huge boot on his foot.  He hates it, and keeps saying it’s my fault he has to wear it.  But, I’d rather drive him around than have a grouchy husband because he’s in pain.  😉 Actually, he’s been quite a doll about the whole thing.  Since we’d been out too long, and I didn’t have anything going for dinner, we decided to stop at the Purple Turtle.  The Purple Turtle is a little local fast food place with almost everything on the menu.  This place has become a bit of a family joke.  We noticed it when we came out in May to look for a house, but never stopped.  Now, we pass by it anytime we go to Orem/Provo area, which is everyday for Stephen.  Yet, still we’ve never stopped.  Anytime we say, “let’s go out to eat.”  Kas says, “let’s go to the Purple Turtle!”  Still we had not gone.  Sorry Kas!  And, after all that, any time Stephen is talking to the kids, while he is in the car, he says he is stopping by the Purple Turtle.  Too bad they are not with him.  (Teasing is fun in our fam.)  So finally, all of us together, in one car, driving home from Orem, with no dinner prepared, or even thought of for that matter.  It’s Purple Turtle time!!!  I think we may have built it up a little too much.  It was alright.  (You’re probably feeling that same built up/let down after reading this last paragraph.  I had to share the whole experience.)  They do have about 30 flavors of shakes though.  We will have to go back and try them all. (Stephen’s edit – We will try them all at the same time, yum).

Tuesday we got Netter down to the school, packed and ready to go.  Unfortunately she forgot to charge her ipod, so has no pictures of her whole trip.  She’s got lots of great memories though.

For school on Tuesday, Zo and I decided to make it all about Halloween.  We did geometry when we carved pumpkins.  We wrote Halloween stories.  We even researched the history and origin of the holiday.  I think she really loved doing this part.  She really likes stories about Merlin and other folklore, so learning a little about the Druids was really cool.

We had the Halloween party that night.  Kas was Slender Man for a haunted alley the Young Men were putting on.  He also had to be down there early so Zo and I went to get Daddy from work.  We got home, threw some food down our throats and put costumes together.  Zo made a great Jane, from Twilight.  She was very scary!  We got there late, so were only there for about an hour, but it was still fun.

The next day, HALLOWEEN!!  I love this holiday!!  I love dressing up!  I love all the mystery and excitement that is associated with this day.  I always say October is the magic month, and Halloween just tops off the whole month.  It was so fun to live in a neighborhood where there are so many trick-or-treaters.  My poor husband was horribly sick by this time, and with his foot killing him to boot (no pun intended), he didn’t feel like doing anything but crash on the couch.  We got some yummy treats, warm creamy soup, fun sodas, and left them all on the table, and Stephen on the couch. (Stephen’s edit – Yes they left me on the couch and laughed at me, and when they got back laughed at me some more because they had a ton of candy and i did not). Kas actually stayed with him for about an hour after the girls and I went out.  The neighborhood seemed much bigger that night.  It took forever to get all the way around, and by the time we reached almost the end, most of the porch lights were already off, and the girls were super tired.  Kas went out and met up with some friends after that.  I’m not quite sure what they did, ran a-muck I suppose.  He did get home at 10pm on the dot, though, just like he was told.  He also said that the next neighborhood over had fun things like homemade doughnuts and cotton candy.  Overall, it was a pretty fun night.  And now to enjoy the spoils! (Stephen’s edit – See I told you they laughed at me, and they did not share their candy. Just because I make Jabba the Hut look like a toothpick does not mean I did not want candy. Very sad, I cried all night).

Thursday was Stephen’s and my 15th anniversary.  I do feel bad that he was sick that day, but it was quite nice having him home with me.  I love that we still laugh and play, even after all the stress that adult life brings.  I’m so glad I don’t have to carry these responsibilities on my own.  I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather share my life with.  So, even though we didn’t go “out”, I don’t feel like I missed out on anything.  I can’t wait to spend so much time with him that we look back and think 15 years was just a drop in the bucket. (Stephen’s edit – Yes I do love my wife. Even though I was sick that week, I still wanted to take her out, maybe I will get to someday, maybe when she shares all that candy with me).

Friday, Zo and I hung out and did school work at Stephen’s office.  I think she loved having a humongous desk to work at.  For lunch we took off and shared some tots and popcorn chicken and a huge watermelon slushy from Sonic, while Stephen was in a meeting.  He was still working, so we searched out one of the fun museum at the Y.  Dinosaurs!!  It was a fun one too, really small, but lots of hands on touchy petrified fossils and cast of skeletons.

Saturday was a lazy day.  We all woke up late and and just lazed around.  Ok, we got some morning chores done, and I did get stuff to create my craft room, but mostly, we didn’t do much of anything.  That pretty much sums up the rest of the weekend.  You may get a different story from every other person in this house, but for me, that does it.

Here are the pictures this past week, with a twist:

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