Utah: Week 17

As you can see, the ground was blanketed with snow. It was an amazing sight.

Weeks have gone by, and the Hird Family is still exploring Utah and the new life here. This past week is no different. In order to understand this week, we must understand the family. Elise was born and raised in Arizona. Minus a little time spent in Slovenia, she has been almost her whole life in Arizona. All the kids, born and lived in Arizona. After living in Arizona for their entire life, we packed them up and moved them to Southern California. Now we are in Utah. So this past week was an eye opener for the kids. And we will see how this goes.

This past week it got colder here in Utah. And I got ready to go on another trip to LA. I left on Monday morning. I knew it was going to be cold here while I was gone, but I did not know what was in store. The weather here decided it wanted to see what the Hirds were made of. So while I was gone in LA, it decided it would snow. It shocked all the kids. They had been in snow before, but it was more like a trip where you go and visit snow and then leave. This was a little different, but not the full blown snow yet.

Tuesday morning the kids were greeted with snow powdered all over the ground. They had to play in the “snow”. Wednesday morning it was more, and by Thursday it was even more. Zo had the most fun, and Netter and Kas played all they could in the snow. Zo made a snowman on Tuesday. It stood to the grand heights of about 3 inches. She used almost all of the “snow” in the front yard. Wednesday she made snow angels, and Thursday was a great morning. However, by the time I got home on Thursday evening almost all of it had melted.

My trip to LA went well, and was not all that exciting. Except for the part where I cracked my foot bones. Somewhere, sometime in LAX, I got a fracture in my foot. It hurt to walk on, but I thought it was just my foot asleep or sore muscles. But no. By Friday it was so bad it even hurt to walk or sit. So I went to the doctor, mainly because Elise made me. They said I had a stress fracture and needed to be in a walking boot for 4-6 weeks. They said I could just bear the pain and it would eventually heal itself, but the boot would take away the pain after the first few days. Again, Elise made me get it. I would rather have just endured the pain. Sure it hurts, but that is why we are men. Right?

Friday evening the girls threw a Halloween party for their friends. It was loud. Kas and I stayed back in one of the back rooms watching Sherlock and eating pizza. The girls had tons of fun and they played the whole time. The downstairs got trashed, but that was expected. Plus we have hardly anything down there, so not hard to clean up either. Everyone seemed to have fun and it was fun for the girls. Saturday and Sunday was a down day for us. The kids started to carve pumpkins on Sunday and will finish up today, so we will have more pics of that next week. This week is the end of October and the beginning of November.

Well, enough of my jabbering on, here is what you really came for: the Pics!

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  1. Megan says:

    just got caught up! I’m so glad you are blogging! I love getting to read about what you guys are up too, and especially seeing all the pictures. It makes me really want to come visit.