Utah: Week 16

This is the Hird Family.

We have made it 16 weeks. That is almost 4 months. And with the current week’s weather coming up, now we get to see how tough we really are. The week coming up is going to be cold. Very cold.

This past week had plenty of excitement, thrills, and death defying events. Ok, well, it did not happen that way at all. This past week was more of the same. Kids going to school, Elise doing her thing, but she did get sick this past week and the kids helped nurse her back to health. And I worked way too much and worried way too much about the projects. But then the weekend came.

I have been working weekends lately trying to get everything all caught up and going. And it has been very stressful. But I try to get out with the family on Saturday morning. So this past Saturday we went to Einsteins Bagels in Draper, and took the mountain pass over to SLC. It was a fun drive. But then we had to get back. And I had to get back to work. But I could not drive back home. So we went further into the SLC area and ended up at the Haunted Half Marathon. That was pretty fun and looking at all the costumes of people running and people there, I think the kids had fun. They held the event in a canyon. So we walked down to the event. When we were done there, we went across the street to the state capitol. We took some pictures there and went around inside and saw all the artwork and offices. They had the chambers to the Senate and House closed off, but I really wanted to go to those galleries. Maybe next time when they have those open.

The kids are all liking this area. But this coming week will be the test. Today is the only day the high is supposed to be over 60. And tomorrow is the last day the high will be over 50. The rest of the week it is all in the 40’s, for the high. Thursday the low is supposed to be 25. So we will see what happens with the kids this week. And also Elise. I am kind of wondering what will happen to her as well. She still has too much of that Arizona blood in her.

But anyway, the pictures from this last week are below.

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