Utah: Week 15

After dropping off Sid for the BYU game, they hung out in downtown Provo

The previous week brought a lot of fun and exciting times to us. However, we did have to say goodbye to Brecken and Tom, as they left to go back to AZ. So that made the kids sad, but then we had a fun and exciting time here as the week progressed.

First off was boring school for the kids. Zo is really bored there and I think she needs a specialized school that teaches her things she is interested in, instead of teaching her how to take tests. One of the things I have always hated about school, they seem to teach less about critical thinking and more on how to take tests. It really does not help the kids out at all. And Zo is really bored, because she is an adventurous person who wants to explore, and investigate questions. But this past week it was only Monday thru Wednesday for school and they were out. And Zo wanted me to pull her out of school so she could hang out with me at work. I told her I would do that on Thursday, she did not think that was all that funny.

This past Thursday was Elise’s birthday. So if you forgot about her birthday present, you can call me, as I know exactly what she wants: a bowling ball that says “Homer” on it. And if she doesn’t want it, I know someone who does. . .

Ok, just kidding about the present. But on Thursday, the kids got her some gifts, gave them to her and were ancy to get out the door. Elise had gotten these passes to some fun parks around here, and they really wanted to go. So after breakfast and gifts and few other things, they were out the door. They spent all day there and had tons of fun. However, a storm was moving in to the area and it cut shut some of their fun. Which is a good thing. I was making dinner at home for them.

I talked to Elise to see if we should go out to eat for her birthday, and she said no, lets just eat at home, and I told her we really did not have anything there. She said she really wanted Spaghetti-O’s for her birthday dinner. It was not me saying that, trust me. I like that just like any other 10 year old kid, but I wanted something else. Anyway, she wanted it, so I made it, along with some corn and garlic bread. It was good, and we finished off all of the food. Still, I would have preferred to make her real spaghetti and some real food. But she was happy.

Merilee and Sid came to visit us this weekend, and that was really fin too. They came in on Friday during the storm, and stayed all weekend. Sid went to the BYU game with some friends, and we hung out most of the weekend. I worked, naturally, so I did not have all this fun. But the kids and Elise got to have fun, so that was worth it. Mer and Sid went and got their pictures taken by Elise. Then they hung out in downtown Provo, which is not all that bad. It has its charm. And Mer made us dinner a couple of nights, and that was good. We also had some treats and watched some football. Well, Mer did not watch football, she feigned interest in the Cardinals game. We had to say goodbye to them this morning, they flew back to Northern Cal.

And that now makes it 2 weeks in a row with someone coming to visit us. So this weekend, who is it going to be that comes to visit us?

And we have more pics this week. And here they are below. All the pics are Merilee approved.

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