Utah: Week 14

OK, here it is, the pumpkin gang ready to cut these pumpkins open, hopefully the Great Pumpkin will not see this

October cold breezes bring good things, I think. The kids are dealing with their first real cold spell and were fascinated by the ice on the grass. Just wait kids. Especially when it snows and mean old daddy makes you shovel the driveway and the sidewalk. Then I am not so sure they will be fascinated by the cold.

But this week was great. On Monday the kids had a half day, so they were told if they got their homework done, Elise would take them to the driving range. They were so excited about that, so when they got off the bus, instead of walking straight home, they stopped, sat down and did their homework on the ground. It took them a long time to get home and started to worry Elise a little. She walked out to go find them and found them walking home. The girls were so proud to say they had already finished their homework, so they could go to the driving range. Funny kids.

Work has been hectic for me, but when is it not. Kas is doing well in school and they are all doing great. Elise is doing a lot as well. One thing we prepped for this past weekend was Conference. We knew a surprise was coming this weekend. We did not tell the girls. So I started to make some breakfast and luckily I had something I could joke about. I had bought a box of Bisquick for the pancakes. I am not sure if this is on every box, but it was on this one. It had the recipe to make pancakes. So Bisquick gives you an option on the recipe. You can either make 14 pancakes, or 155. That is right people, you can make maybe enough for a family of 5, as these “14” pancakes are small in size and barely even silver dollar size, or you better be hungry enough to finish off a box of pancake batter in one setting.

Luckily for my kids, I know math. So I whipped out the measuring cups, and threw them at the Bisquick box. After yelling at the box for about 30 minutes, I then kicked some dirt on that. Freakin Bisquick thinking they can tell me how many pancakes I can make.

Ok I am just kidding about that. We just took the 14 pancake recipe and doubled it. But I kept joking with the kids that we better get someone to help us eat these things because it was going to be too much for us. I am sure the girls were thinking Daddy is more crazy than usual. Then we got a ring at the doorbell. The girls rushed to door thinking it was the neighbor kids. Brecken and Tom were at the door. The girls were so excited to see them. So we had breakfast, watched some conference, watched some football, and went out to round up some pumpkins for the Great Pumpkin Slaughter 2012.

Enough of my chit chat though. Here are some pics from the last week. I even tried out the panorama option on my iPhone. That commercial lies though. It makes it look so easy to keep on that white line. And when you can not keep it steady, the iPhone laughs at you. I wanted to punch it in the nose. But here are the photos anyway.

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  1. Betty Bogle says:

    Love it , Love it. Sorry work is being hectic. Is that just the nature of your job? Its so nice that you can still enjoy what the kids are enjoying.
    Thank you for the update and the pictures!