Utah: Week 11

Antoinette, ready for school.

So this past week was one filled entirely of Kas! It was his birthday on September 11 and we celebrated as much as we could. And the girls made sure they reminded him that he would not be as cool as he is without them. Which I agree. The girls keep him honest.

This past week Elise has found really good luck on her daily running. She has spotted wildlife in Utah, and also deer. The wildlife I speak of, is well, the freaking drivers here in Utah. Freaking A. And I mean that sincerely too. It seems like in order to get a license here you just need to be able to identify what a piece of paper is. People are reckless, careless, self centered and driving laws seem to be more of a hassle to anyone. I did not think in an area this small in population would have the same number of accidents as Southern California. But everyday I drive home I pass by at least one wreck on the way home. Most days it is two or three. If ever there was a state that should make it ok to attach machine guns to your car, this is the state. Read more on the rifle optics website.

Work has been tons of fun this past week, I say with a grin. But the best has been the time I can spend with my family. I love this time. And I am trying to give myself more of that special time, instead of spending it all at work. I need to bring home the bacon, but I need to be able to see my kids grow. I do not want them growing up and telling their kids that what they remember most about me is that I was always at work. That would really suck. And I am sure once I go over to the other side, I will be kicking myself over how little time I spent with them. So that is changing. I hope I get a good work-family life balance.

But why read my words for the past week, when we have amazing pictures to show you the past week! Elise did the captions for the pics this week. That is why they are much more awesome than mine.

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