Utah: Week 10

On the way to the theatre we saw this gang of tuffs running around the park

So the Hird Family has made it a full 10 weeks in Utah. Not sure how we did it, but we did. Luckily we had a 3 day weekend to get through a really tough week, for me at least. And we did have some fun on Labor Day.

We realized we never took the kids on the scary ride over the mountains. You know the one, the “road” that is no bigger than a paved hiking trail that they expect 2 cars to be able to travel on. The kids thought it was fun, until we hit those parts where there is no room for corrections. But it was a beautiful site. The kids all had fun, and also kind of scared them a little too. We decided after the ride through the mountains we would spend some time in Heber and get out of the Provo Valley and maybe get some cooler temperatures.

And Heber was fun, for about 30 minutes. We went to a park and played around a little. Then decided to get some lunch. We wanted to get a small cafe and get some real food. I always remember the Wayside Cafe in Fallbrook, CA. That was one of my favorite places of all time. It was a nice little place and somewhere to get some good food too. So I wanted to find that and thought maybe we would get that in Heber. Boy was I wrong. We stopped at this one place that I thought would be like that. It was horrible. They first made us wait to clear a place for us, which we told them we did not mind waiting 5-10 minutes. A couple minutes later they take us back to the table. We should have just turned around right then. Food was all over the floor, along with dirty silverware. The place was just messy. And not authentic messy, like all they did was clear the plates off the table and sat us down. Horrible. Netter was already feeling ill, and this place put it over the top. We still ordered the food, I guess because we are masochists, and got it to go. We did not order much, and when I say we did not order much, we are talking like french fries, french dip sub and a salad. It took about 30 minutes to get that out to us. Horrible place. Never go to Heber to get food. At least at this place. It sucks.

On Tuesday I go into the office and find out that the office has been burgled. Dammit. Made me so angry. So the rest of the week was spent doing more things to track office equipment and working with the police. Not happy about that at all. Pretty pissed actually. But what else can I do, except stay at the office with a M61 Vulcan cannon to secure the place.

The rest of the week was normal. Netter did fall down and scratch up her knee, but still went on and did gymnastics with my adjustable dumbbells set. She now wants to be in drama. Kas and Zo had a good week of school. And on Friday, Elise and I went to a play. One of the guys I knew on the mission was in the play. So we wanted to go. So when they said this play is at the Castle Theatre, we took off looking for this place. Why is it in Utah they never place things in places where they can be found? We knew it was in Provo, and we knew it was by a hospital. We drove around, and could not find it. We drove around some more and still could not find it. It seemed like we ended up at the state psych hospital. We had to ask someone where this was. They pointed us in the general direction. And along the way, we saw a gang of tuffs, or deer as my wife calls them. There were at least 15 of them, all crossing the street and looking at us, staring us down. Then they went to the park across the street and looked at us like we better not try to swing on the swings, it was their turf.

We finally ended up at a place where we were told the theatre was. It was an outdoor amphitheatre. All the seating was on rocks. And the seating hurt. Had I known this was going to be the place, I would have brought something. Again, Utah is weird. Anyway, the scenery was beautiful and the play was good. The play was “based” on the life of C.S. Lewis. After the play we talked with my friend a little and then set off. Provo seemed like it was a happening place, but a lot of loud and obnoxious college kids. I guess that is what they do now a days.

Saturday and Sunday were lazy days. Saturday we watched some college football. Nebraska lost because they are a bunch of losers. I am not sure how Nebraska could get outcoached by a failure of a coach in Mora. Pathetic football being played. But ASU lifted the end of the day by destroying Illinois. And how about this: The Cruds even won on Sunday. How was that possible? It is the CRUDs afterall.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the past week.

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  1. Elise says:

    I’m sad the pic of all the deer hanging around the jungle gym was blurry. You could really see how tuff they were with their antlers and everything. I think a couple of them were even smoking.