Utah: Week 6

We made it to Wyoming

This past week was really not all that eventful, until we got to the weekend. It started like any ordinary week. The girls went to swim lessons. While there, they saw that a gymnastics class was offered. So they got to go to that and see how it was, and both of the girls loved it. They got to tumble and jump around, and all the other great things gymnasts get to do. So they had fun.

However, one day while they were at the park, they heard this mewing sound coming from under a tree. So they checked it out and it was a kitten lost and hiding from the storm. For some odd reason, they felt it was best to bring the cat back to our house. Not sure why. But the kitten hung out for a while and we gave it a towel to lay down on for the night. When we woke up the next morning, the kitten was gone. The girls were sad, and I told them the kitten just went home.

The fire Elise and I saw last week on the National Guard range was still burning, surprise surprise. All the smoke from that came over to Cedar Hills and the air was thick and it was hard to breathe outside.

Saturday, Elise, Netter and I went around to price things out. Now that we have a house with a yard and a garden area, we have nothing to maintain these things. So we went to go see what it may cost to do this. We also went to find the Apple store. You know they do not have an Apple Store in the Provo area? Very baffling. I would think they would want a store right by 2 major universities (BYU and UVU).

Sunday we decided to go to SLC and walk around Temple Square, went to the visitors center, and watched a few videos. After that, we thought, “you know, Wyoming is right next door and not all that far away”. So we decided to take a small trip to Wyoming and go to Evanston. Why not? What else were we going to do? Go home and sit on the couch? Why not go on an adventure. So we decided to just take I-80 East and head to WY. It was a short ride actually too. Kas did not think so, he does not have all that much room in the Jeep.

It was fun. Evanston is a very small town and I got the feeling of Nebraska small town there, and Elise felt like she was back in Chandler as a kid. We stopped by their “Riverwalk” which is really just a lake and a small stream. Then as the sun went down, we were going to head home. However, we wanted to see if we could get a DVD to play on the system in the Jeep. We bought Hugo and we were going to let the kids watch it while we drove home. However, it is really uncool for this thing, because once the car is in Drive, then video goes off. Why the heck have a DVD player combo there if we can not use it while driving? Really uncool UConnect.

Anyway, that was this past week. We have many pictures this time around.

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