Utah: Week 5

Along the walk they found a bridge.

We have now lasted a whole month here in Utah. Not sure if I am going to last through August. The heat here is almost as bad as the heat in Arizona. I really was hoping to get a little less heat. But now I know. For next year, in July and August, I just need to go back to California, or Alaska to work. I am still waiting for the Autumn and Winter months to set in.

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but the drivers in Utah are not the best in the world. I think the biggest thing with the drivers here is that they do not see to care about others. I have seen so many cars cut off others, nearly side swipe others, and the kicker, if you are on a motorcycle, then you have a half life of 20 minutes, give or take a few. I really do not understand why, with the LDS church being so prevalent here, that so many people behind the wheel drive like jack holes. And I am not kidding either. One day, I was driving home on State Street, and this car was just cutting people off left and right, almost ran a biker off the road. Then they came to me. Well, I can be a jack hole too while I drive so I boxed them in so they could not get around me. They started to tail gate me, and they were in a car, and I am in my jeep. Guess who will win that battle? Anyway, they finally got around me, drove like jack holes. I turned where they turned, as I was going home and had no idea where they were going. Turns out they were heading to the Timpanogos Temple, which is very close to where we live. I thought, what a great way to start your temple experience, piss off a whole bunch of people and disregard almost all traffic laws.

But enough of that. This past week it was fairly normal. The kids had eye exams, and Kas tried to get contacts. Did not work out for him. But he got some cool glasses. The kids went on walks with Elise up and down the different trails here. I worked, surprise surprise. While they go out and have fun, I get to be at the office. But we did hire a couple of people and this really excites me, less stress for me. I also got a better desk at the office. The previous one was really nice looking, but tore into my legs. I am just a larger built person and that desk was not meant for someone like me. So Ikea rescued me. And I know Reuben will appreciate that, since he thinks our entire house is just an Ikea showroom, which it really is sort of.

We also mowed our lawn. And this is probably the first time in about 3-4 years that I have mowed a lawn (as we never needed to in California). But that is not the exciting part. Since we do not have a lawn mower, we let it go for a couple of weeks. Big mistake. Grass was very tall and took forever to mow. I even taught Kas how to do this. He now thinks we should just pay the neighbor kid to do it. Smart kid. But he needs to learn the lesson of dedicated workmanship.

Anyway, a new theme for the site. And a new set up. I may change the color scheme up every week or so. Not sure. Enjoy the pictures. Maybe will have more next week

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  1. Megan says:

    Ikea showroom! Kas looks cool with glasses anyway. Hiking sounds fun, but not in the heat. Working does sound fun even in the cold. I need to mow my lawn as well