Utah: Week 4

This past week was really active. My Dad and Debbie were here till last Wednesday. Unfortunately, I had to work so did not get to spend much time with them on Wednesday. I was really sad to see them go. This past week also had Utah celebrating Pioneer Days, so Elise took the kids to a big party and they had a ton of fun. The did a root beer drinking contest, got to see a few live bands and saw some awesome stuff. After that, a very close family was in town so they got to meet up with the Shorr family and hike the Y mountain. Zo did not want to go, and probably a good thing too. It was steep and difficult. Netter made it, but had her struggles. Zo hung out with me while I worked. Afterwards, Zo and I met up with the Shorr’s and Elise, Kasmir and Netter at the Y Creamery for some hamburgers and ice cream. It seemed like the place to be, everyone seemed to be there.

For me, it was work as usual. I got some stuff done, but still have a lot more to do. The office is coming along. We may not have everything just yet, but it should be somewhat decent in a few weeks.

We keep finding sad things about the previous owners of the house. One day someone showed up to “pick up” a Lexus. Elise explained that we did not have a Lexus. Which is a good thing we do not, as that would have been a fight and a half because it seemed this person was here to repossess the car. Then on Saturday early evening, we had an Ogden Constable show up at our doorstep looking for the previous owner. He had someone with him, so not sure what this was about, but we explained who owned the house now, we were renting the house, and more. The Constable was polite and so was the other guy. It was not a bad thing for us, but just kind of shocked when a Sheriff from another county shows up on your doorstep. I feel bad for the previous owners.

On Saturday, Elise and I went for a ride down by Utah Lake. We did not want to be gone all that long and we really just wanted to get the engine going for the motorcycle. We got down there and got into Saratoga Springs. We were on the other side of the lake, and wanted to be on the Provo side of the lake. We looked at the map and thought, maybe we just ride around the lake. Which we did. Which we felt for hours. Dang maps, making things look smaller than what they are. It took about 2 hours to drive around the lake. Normally that is not bad. But have you had to sit on a motorcycle seat for 2 hours? Yeah not all that fun for your bum. But we survived. And Elise got some really good pictures. She was snapping pictures while we were riding. Surprisingly, the iPhone camera really did a great job of getting the pictures even though the road was kind of bumpy.

Anyway, enough of that. I put up more pictures than usual. I am not sure how much more exciting we can get here. We have had fires, storms, 4th of July, Pioneer Days, friends and excursions into the wilderness. Let’s see what this next week brings.

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  1. Brian says:

    Beautiful pictures. And you got a bum reference in which is always good! As for us, crabby as always. We will be happier once the heat goes away, or we die, whichever comes first.