Playing catch up


Here we are living in UT.  That is one phrase I never thought I would say, but there it is, and I’m really enjoying it so far.  Stephen is doing an amazing job at keeping everyone updated on our experiences here, so I’m going to leave that to him for now.  I love that he is blogging, and he is such a great example to me that I thought I better fill in some of the wonderful things I missed in blog world.

While I am sure this is where we are supposed to be, we loved our short time in SoCal.  In just 2 1/2 years we fell in love with our ward, the climate, the ocean, our friends, and all that there is to do in vacation land.  There was almost so much that you had to decide what not to do, instead of what to do.  Needless to say, we stayed busy.

Here are some pics of our last trip to the beach as local.

Before we left this wonderful place, our amazing friends threw us a going away party for anyone from the ward.  There were so many people who came and I felt incredibly loved.  I only got a few snaps, and unfortunately I didn’t get everyone in them.  I got too busy talking.  Surprised?!  I didn’t think so.  Thank you so much to the Shorr family, and all the beautiful members of the Tijeras Canyon Ward.  We love you all!


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