Utah: Week 2

Here is a better view of this stream, it really was right by the road.

We finished the full second week here, and my first full week back at work, sort of. I actually worked that first week even though it was my vacation. But hey, who is counting, right? Anyway, this past week was filled with some good stuff.

We were able to get about 75-80% done with the move. Most of everything is put away. We need to hang pictures, organize some other stuff, and make this out home for the next year. I got my office put together, somewhat. Not a great set up, but the picture is below. I may change this again. Not sure how I want this desk. Seems I am also working a little more now. I was hoping to work less, but now I am spending about 12 hours in the office a day again, hopefully this goes down too.

The kids have been having fun and complaining. Big bad Mommy and Daddy want them to work and put things away, especially cleaning their bedrooms. But they have made some friends. Unfortunately, it is still a little early in the process so not too many kids to go outside and play. That and the heat wave. Nothing like AZ hotter than hell heat, but a lot hotter than Cali weather. Maybe in the next few weeks they will have more friends to go and play with.

Zo got sick and is still kind of feeling it. But hopefully she will get better. I have some major items at work to take care of this week, and Elise is getting everything else ready. This past week is really good. I wish I could take pictures while I drive, the people here drive crazy. And I am not using hyperbole or anything, they really drive crazy. I am afraid to ride my motorcycle here, felt a ton safer in California. It is almost like Marrakesh. Driving rules were more like suggestions and optional.


Some flowers we have in the front

Here is the house, at least done enough to put the van in the garage

Zo would rather play than get a picture taken.

My area at the Orem office. Desk looks nice but is kind of odd to sit at.

A picture of the storm that rolled in.

A view of our living room, with Zo ill on the couch.

Drive we took going to Sundance, a small stream was right by the road.

Here is a better view of this stream, it really was right by the road.

The “road” up the mountain, this was the wider section of it, it really was a paved hiking trail for the most part.

As we got up the mountain, this was one of the views.

We hit this open field as we went up, just standing out from all the trees.

One of the views from the “road”, there was a drop-off as soon as the road ended, but the views were very beautiful.

Near the top of the mountain.

We stopped at a pullout to grab this picture of the valley.

Once on the other side, this is the view of Heber (I think) and the other little towns.

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  1. Administrator says:

    Thanks Brian. I am really trying to be good here. And yes I am keeping my eyes and ears open for you.

  2. Brian says:

    LOVE the house. And the beautiful area. Keep an ear open if you hear of anyone looking for a (semi) intelligent worker. :-). I’m proud of you Steve. 2 weeks in a row you’ve posted. Good job!!