Utah: Week 1

Our new Jeep on the first excursion.

It has been almost a year since this site has been updated, and I figure we should start doing this more often. Plus, a new chapter in our life starts: UTAH!

I can not say that this has been a great movie. So far it has not. At least not to me. But I figure with all the trials and adversity I am facing right now, it must mean one of two things: Either we are really meant to be here and something is trying to quickly get us to leave, OR, we were never meant to be here and we are finding out why. I prefer to choose the previous, as my wife and I both felt good about the move. We are both seeing these trials so it is kind of hard.

Not to bore anyone (the 3 people who read this), but some of the “fun” we have had this past week: Moving company was not as great and thinking now we should have just gone the u-Haul route to begin with. we cleaned our last place pretty well, or so I thought, the previous landlord did not think it so great and had other issues, so our name is now spotted back there with that. House here we came to had many things that were wrong, filthy, no working microwave, dishwasher may be broken, downstairs window was letting in water, and more. So we have been cleaning and fixing as much as possible and trying not to be horrible tenants here. It is hot here. Not AZ hot, but hot. On the day that the moving company did get here and start unloading, a huge fire broke out on the mountain right by our place. Frightened our kids pretty good. I am posting some pics below.

Now, on to the good things. On the 4th, we were driving around and I thought lets go look at Jeep prices. Since I can not take my motorcycle in the winter, and based on the very little I have seen of Utah drivers so far, it is almost a death wish to take a motorcycle here. So I will need to get one eventually. We went into a dealer, told them we were just looking and nothing else. We looked at a few jeeps, and looked at what was available. We told them we had no money and could not afford to pay anything per month. They were nice and we were about to leave and then they pushed the sell. We were very adamant about putting nothing down, as we are broke. And by broke, I mean, broke until I get paid again, we are tapped out. Well, one thing led to another and they must have really wanted to sell something that day. They sold us the Jeep with nothing down, no money at all out of pocket, they even fed us, had the kids watch a movie, and we walked out of the dealership with paying nothing at all, and getting an ok monthly payment. It is a little high for Elise’s liking, and mine too, but what else are you going to expect when you put nothing down. So that has been fun, we took an excursion up to Provo River Falls later that day with the new Jeep.

Some of the things here are fun, some are just troubling. We have met some really nice people here. And it is odd to see LDS church building on almost every corner. Yesterday, Elise dropped all the of the macaroni down the sink while she was draining the water. The girls were seriously mad at Elise, and I could not stop cracking up at this. It was like Elise tore their hearts out, threw it on the floor, stamped on it, then spit on it. They were really upset. It was so funny to see. So since the Ox was in the Mire, we decided to head to a grocery store to get something for food. We really had nothing else to eat. We had certain elements of food, but not enough to put together for a meal, and definitely not for both lunch and dinner. So as we are driving, we pas like 5 church buildings all full, and 1 grocery store, which was closed. Finally we got to a Smiths grocery store. I was wondering if we would have to drive to Nevada to find one open. Just kidding

OK, well enough with that. Here are the pictures. And I will post every week for the next few months on our little journey up here.

View from the front porch


Closer view from the front porch to show how close this is.


View of the other mountains that are not on fire.

Our new Jeep on the first excursion.


On our way up to Provo River Falls.


Right from the parking area, here is the falls.

Down the trail to get closer.


Provo River Falls


Zo was not too happy, she was kind of scared of falling in.

Kas and Netter by the falls, they loved it here.


The water was cold, and I splashed Kas. This was before I splashed him, he was not too happy afterwards.


Heading further down the path, we got more of the falls.

Pictures do not capture this, but it was amazing


You can get real close to the falls, and it is so nice.


Elise and the two older kids by the falls. Zo was not wanting to get by the water.

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6 Responses

  1. Betty says:

    All my best wishes for overcoming g adversity. Looking forward to the updates on the blog.

  2. Sheri says:

    Wow – it sounds like you have had alot of adversity! I’ll remember you guys in my prayers. The views and the jeep look AWESOME!

  3. Elise says:

    I love that you are blogging here! I have not been doing so hot at it, or rather done it at all lately. Can’t wait to read more.

  4. Brian says:

    You can make it FOUR readers now. :-). Here Elise said you’re getting Taco Bell and on my way home from the cabin I grabbed Kim and I Taco Bell….only to find you didn’t get Taco Bell?! That’s sad. Although it was pretty tasty. Glad you’re having an adventure. I WILL take our little family on one soon, come Hell or high water!