I think I’m gonna like it here

So I sat down at my computer this morning and wrote about half a paragraph when I suddenly realized that my brain freezes during the day time.  Really!  I can only write at night.  I don’t know if it’s because I have too many other things to worry about during the day or if the solitude of a quiet house lets the juices flow.  Anyway, so here I am at 11:30 pm writing on my blog.  We were watching Annie earlier and so I’ve got songs running through my head, hence the title of this post.

I really do like it here though, and I am finally feeling like I live here and not just taking an extended vacation.  Hmm…vacation may be too strong of a word.  Visit?  I still have all the work and worries of everyday life and my dear husband definitely doesn’t feel well rested.

We’ve had such a fun time these past few weeks though.  We went on a little walk down to a wilderness park on St. Patty’s day.  We went with some of Zo’s friends from here Kindie class.  We were quite a little group all wandering down into the canyon.  My favorite part is when we got to walk through the creek that was running over the little bridge.  Yes, I know I’m a grown woman but I still like to play in the dirt and mud.

DSC_7693 sDSC_7696 sDSC_7679 s

We were also lucky enough to have visitors this month.  I loved having the Coria bunch over for dinner.  Oh yes, we had grand plans of firing up the bbq grill for the first time since we’ve moved, but of course, I got lazy, and we ordered pizza instead.  It was still fun.  Good friends+good grub=good times.  So, I already put the only pictures I have of that night on face book.  You’ll have to go there to see that both Stephen and Marc do smile if they don’t realize the camera is pointed at them.

We also had so much fun when Merilee, Boston, Mason, and Sidney were here, even though I still made my kids go to school.  Hey, it was a short day, and I thought Zo had a field trip.  So after picking up the kids we headed for the beach.  It was such perfect weather and so much fun watching the kids play in the water, dig and bury themselves in the sand, and just be their hilarious selves.  We definitely have some characters in the family.  That’s for sure.

The waves were huge.DSC_7715 s

This must have been between swells.DSC_7717 s

This one was a bit goofy.DSC_7729 sDSC_7735 s

Thanks, girlie, for makin’ me laugh.

So I have pictures of the boys too, but now I am getting tired.  I guess I only got 30 minutes of think time tonight.  The rest I sacrificed to TV and facebook .  My mac mini just told me it’s midnight and, as we all know, The freaks come out at night, the freaks come out at night……

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3 Responses

  1. elise says:

    Sheri, I think you guys should definitely come visit us this summer.

    Ginger, Marc was a wonderful house guest. He entertained my husband and didn’t even care when the kids jumped on his bed.

  2. Ginger says:

    It was great seeing you guys. I’m glad that you are starting to feel settled. I hope Marc doesn’t give you too much trouble this week. Thanks for putting him up or putting up with him.