The Weekend

So I took a little extra time to write a post, and had the weekend which was full of stuff and such. I can not really tell you how much I am wanting the summer to end. To be in the 90s would be so nice. And that is really hot still, but I really want summer to be over. I am almost halfway done with my Masters program. To be done with school will be a good thing. I am thinking about applying at CGCC if I stay here to maybe be an adjunct faculty to teach some good classes in programming and other things. Maybe not. Maybe I will apply to teach the liberal arts, and have the class look at three paintings from history and try to find the hidden chalice in each. If they find it they get an A if they do not, then they fail. I would not be a hard teacher, I would only ask for a 20 page paper every week of class, with at least 20 sources, and then I would require 3 exams per week. That should be an easier course.

Then there is this coming week. I get Thursday and Friday off. We are not going anywhere, I am just going to be able to do other things with my wife during the day. Maybe go see a movie with her, maybe go to lunch, make her mow the lawn and paint the house while I sit inside and watch my stories and eat my bon-bons. Marc would get that one, his birthday was last week, and he had a birthday dinner at his cousins fry bread restaurant. It was good, and was fun.

So anyhoo, I think that is it for me. I may not post the next week, as I will be on a semi stay home vacation type thing.

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