Gold Letter Day

So it has been two weeks since I have posted anything at all. My Twitter has been somewhat silent and Facebook is a little off as well. I need to get re-energized about the entire web thing. I am just kind of burnt out on everything: computer, school, work, paying bills, etc. It is not that I am lazy, but I am just tired. I have worked myself into a corner I feel I can not get out of anymore. I like that I have a great job, and I do have a great job, and work with really great people, really smart people. And I love working where I do, I just feel that some of the extra work/time on projects to meet a deadline, doubled with school that required a lot of what I thought to be pointless busywork, along with another side project (which I am contracted to do), with all the other stuff I have in my life just kind of broke my brain. I am getting a four day weekend in 2 weeks, which is much needed.

And the other crap-tastic thing is that every time I mow the lawn, it affects my asthma something fierce. I can barely breathe, and I have not slept well either, so last night I spent a majority of it awake and trying to breathe. I watched a few movies, and some old episodes of the office. However, I am not posting this for anything but to vent. It is hot. By the way, according to Yahoo weather, last night at 2:38 am, it was 96 degrees in Chandler. I am not sure how they measure that, but that is what it said.

In following up to the last post about a site to do a political claims review and debunking, I am close to going forward with it. Now all I need is to figure out a business plan behind it, and a sustainability model for it. SO if there are any good ideas out there, please let me know.

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