I know it’s late.  I think that is when I get my best inspiration, when the whole house is quiet and I’m not thinking about who needs to be where and when.  In fact, I think if I went back to all of my posts and checked out the time they were done over half of them would be after midnight.  Since it is after midnight, however, I’m not going to do that.

So I was just thinking about how amazing my kids are.  I love when Zo, completely out of the blue, acts like a statue, so people won’t know she’s really there.  I was just looking at a picture from early this year where she got both her brother and sister to play along.  This is her in January in the mountains thinking no one can see her because she is a statue.dsc_2509-sShe has also decided she loves to have her picture taken.   Every time I have my camera in hand she is in front of me saying,”Take my picture. Okay, now let me see.”  She was definitely born for the digital age.  Patience, a virtue, what?  She has an adorable little smile though, even when she’s doing a totally cheezy grin for the best possible effect.  Here are she and her daddy on the first day of Kindergarten.dsc_5048-sSo the other day we went to Brecken’s birthday party.  He and Zo had apparently planned it to be a costume/swimming party.  Well, Natalie had already planned the swimming part, the kids just added on the costumes.  I thought for sure Zo was going to want to go as a princess, or a kitty, or something very girlie like that.   When I saw her I was a little surprised.  The issue was that I had taken her and her sibs school shopping the day before.  We picked out some very cute clothes, but not all of them went together.  There was a shirt and a skirt that Zo loved, loved, loved and, since they both had pink and brown on them, she thought for sure she could wear them together.  Well, pinks don’t always go together.  I’m not one of those people who have to be perfectly matching all the time, but colors have to at least not hurt your eyes when you look at them.  Such was the case with these.  Maybe that’s just the picky mom coming out in me.  So, when we bought them, I told her she could not wear them together.  They clash.  She first threw a fit, then promised she wouldn’t as long as we got them both.  Now back to getting ready for the party.  Can you guess what she was wearing?  Nope, not a princess gown or her kitty costume that has been too small for her for 2 years.  She had on that skirt and shirt.  When I asked her if she was going to dress up she looks at me like I was the most ridiculous person in the world.  I saw the next 15 years of Zo flash before my eyes as she said,” Ugh, I’m a teenager”.  I knew at that moment that either she is a great character study, or I am in for serious trouble in the upcoming years.  I know, I wish I had a picture for this story.

So there’s a little peak at my sweet Zoba, Bucka, Goba, Anna Zofya.

This didn’t start with the intent of being a Zo fest, but there it is.  If I start in on the other two I’ll be up all night.

I have to throw this picture in for Meg though.  It’s so dang adorable and I just remembered it was on my phone.img_0572

You go Catch.  Get down with your funky self.

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5 Responses

  1. Megan says:

    Thanks for putting up the picture of Catch. He loves to wear earphones, even if there is nothing coming out of them for him to hear.

    I love Zo Zo. Catcher started calling her Zo Zo again last night. She is super funny!

  2. Kim says:

    I think it’s awesome that Zo acts like a statue. I’m with Sheri, I love it when kids do weird things. I’ll be sad when Joe outgrows stuff like that (he hasn’t quite yet).

  3. Sheri says:

    Oh man, I would love to see Zoe act like a statue. I love it when my kids do weird things.

    Ben clashes all the time. I tell him but he doesn’t care. I figure atleast his clothes are clean. But I think if he were a girl I’d be more pickier about what he wore.

  4. Darilyn says:

    Your children are adorable, Elise. I’m glad you shared the non matching pink moment. We have those all the time around our house.