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OK, another Friday is upon us and I wanted to make a quick post to cover this.

This is always a great question when it comes time for the “What if” scenarios. With the economic crisis happening, and the crap in the political arena, and the whole mess we are now facing, it is great to play the what of game. So in honor of all dreamers everywhere who see everyone else plugging up the internet and said “me too”, here we go.

What would you do if you had enough money and did not have to work any longer?
I am not sure, I know I would want to do something though. Do nothing is terribly boring. TV is really crap anymore, so are movies, I would need to go do something else. I’d go to Portland for a little bit. I like that city. It was very nice, and very cloudy, and I love that. I would also go to England for a few months. We would have the best time too. However, after all of that is done, I would probably come back, train with the League of Shadows, then burn down their house, and come back to my house. Maybe build a cave, get a whole bunch of cool equipment and then create a costume in the shape of a bat. I would then go avenge my parent death at the hands of thugs while we went to the opera in Gotham.

What would you do if you could remake any movie, and which one would it be?
I would remake the movie “The Ten Commandments” and update it to modern times. I would give Moses a cool bouffant, a corvette and .45 to handle the Pharaoh. I would sneak in references to all kinds of governments and would even have the UN step in to try and mediate the conflict between Moses and Pharaoh. Of course, we could not leave North Korea out of this, they would have a small role. Instead of parting the Red Sea, he would gun down and “part” the Pharaoh soldiers as he led the people out of captivity in military trucks. I am also thinking Rambo would be a good addition to it, and Radioactive Man.

What would you do if you ran the country?
I would eradicate all TV stations and create a state run TV station that only showed Futurama, Simpsons, Office and Lie to Me. I would also make it a law that with every meal there had to be at least 3 servings of white chocolate chip cookies. I would also disband Congress, they seem to always fight anyway, so maybe by sending them to their rooms and out of our way we can actually get some work done. I would also create a new month for the year, I would call it Smarch. And everyone would have the second Tuesday of the week off.

What would you do if the internet was never created?
Wow, I do not know about that one. Maybe actually have a life. That is just too hard of a question. That is a doozy. I am not sure about this. This question is way too hard and the person who asked this ought to be fired.

What would you be doing had you not read this?

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  1. elise says:

    Had I not read this I probably would not be commenting.
    I like your what if game. Somehow, however, I think you confused yourself with Batman.