Finally, you are outta here . . .

2008, you have been a beast. You have given me some of the good things, but you have been a real sourpuss. Why? You brought job loss, health issues, broken fingers, bad economy, bad elections, and now on your way out you give me the cold?! WTH?

What did I ever do to you 2008? I thought we were friends, man. Didn’t we have some good times? You also laughed at that episode of Family Guy where Peter did something stupid. You also listened to the Wombats and Blur. So why are you so cruel to me?

You used to be cool. But now that you are only a few hours from being a memory you decide to give me a cold? You suck, 2008. Did I ever beat you up when I lost my job on your watch? No. Did I punch you in the nose when Elise’s dad had health issues? No. Did I kick you in the stomach when Kas broke his finger? No. So why are you giving me the cold? I was nice to you man.

Just because we are going to party at the hour of your death . . . . . .

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  1. Bojana says:

    :-) I’ve never thought of a New Year Eve’s party that way…interesting:-) Hope you’re feeling better by now…All the best to you and your family in year 2009!