What the . . . .

So on Thanksgiving, we went to my dads house in Mesa. We came back to Chandler around 7:30 pm that Thursday night. In Mesa it started to rain pretty hard, when it broke, I told Elise, “Let’s get the kids in the car and get going while there is a break in the rain”. We went outside, and started for the van. It was still lightly sprinkling and there was lightning and thunder going on. We park on the street by the curb when we go to my dad’s place. This night, we walk out there and there is no curb. It had been flooded over entirely. And my kids did not want to walk in it, and Elise had on some leather shoes, so she did not want to either. So I walked over to the car, and brought it up to the driveway. When I stepped in the water, it was well over my ankle, then I stepped off the “curb” and it got a lot deeper. Oh well, it was not raining hard in Chandler earlier, so I thought it would be wet, but not flooded. But we were in for something else.

Once we got to Basha road, I thought that the road had an awful lot of gravel, and was wondering why there would be so much gravel. As we turned on to the dirt road to our house, it was all white. I knew exactly what it was. Elise, was driving (I do not like driving a vehicle with more than 2 wheels anymore), and when we got on the dirt road, she said: “It looks like someone had salted the road”. As I am laughing I told her that it was not salt, but hail. That is right HAIL. And not small pieces, and not just a dab here or there. It was a nice size (for Arizona), and it was all over the place. We got home, and it covered the ground. It looked like it had snowed, there was so much. The kids got out and we were looking around, we played a little bit in it. Elise got her camera and we took a few pictures.

The pictures are after the kids and I started to throw the ice around at each other. So there are some patches that have grass showing through it. But when we got home, it was all white all over the ground. It was like God went to Sonic and dumped all of the ice all over this area. It was odd. The hail was bigger than I have seen in AZ, and it was all over the place. I am not sure where the hail actually reached in Chandler, but out here in the Bogle compound, it got dumped a ton.

Good times, good times.

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  1. Alisa says:

    I know! I can’t whine, can I! I wish the pictures captured it better. I loved your comment. It made me smile that Drey would say something like that! It makes me feel like I’m not such a failure after all!

  2. Kim says:

    mmmm… Sonic ice IS the best. Did you scoop up a bunch and put it in your freezer? We didn’t get any hail at our house. Only rain.

  3. Bojana says:

    Hail? This is probably one of the things you’ll remember about this Thanksgiving Day for some years:-)