So Megan and I went to a great show on Tuesday.  You guessed it, So You Think You Can Dance.  It was a blast and I can’t believe I got up at 7am after not getting home til 2am the night before.  Since I am at my mom’s house I am not putting up a long post, but tune into Megan’s blog for some awsome pictures from meeting the dancers after the show.

I’ll get up the pictures from the 2nd half of our vacation in the next day or two.  Sorry it’s taking so long.

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  1. Kim says:

    SYTYCD was awesome. We were going to try to stay afterwards to see the dancers, but the security guards said we would have to wait a while. We had Joe and Michael with us and they were ready for bed, so we left.

    It was a great show. Joe and I had fun looking through the pictures on Megan’s blog. He was so jealous of the one you got with Gev. Gev is his favorite.

    Happy belated birthday. I was out of town on your actual birthday, but I remembered it and thought of you. I hope you had a great day.