What I like . . . .

I think the best new music group is a band called the Wombats. For a long time it was Blur, but since they are on permanent hiatus now, the Wombats have been putting out the best stuff lately. Go to You Tube, check it out. I even put in one of their songs on the sidebar player. Here are some You Tube links for the other songs:
Lets Dance to Joy Division
Backfire at the Disco
Kill the Director
Lost in the Post

I think the music industry as a whole is completely a joke. And these guys provide a good breath of fresh air.

Now for the things I do not like . . .

Does anyone really pay attention to the debates anymore, or does everyone just line up at the political lines and ignore anything else? Last night’s debate I was having a hard time keeping it on. Both of the candidates sounded like babies. I finally turned it off when Obama wanted a follow up, Brokaw said no, but Obama cried about it, then McCain came in and cried about if “he gets one then I want one as well”. It was at that point I turned it off. I could not handle it anymore. Both candidates are not a good choice, and there is no “lesser evil” with these picks. I really feel bad for the future of this country. We have inept people in Congress that we as a whole keep voting in, and the same thing with the White House. I think I am just going to write in Ian Curtis’s name for president. A dead foreigner could not do any worse than either one of these candidates, and would still be better than these guys.

Anyway, just a side trip as I am running a script.

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3 Responses

  1. Marc says:

    I’m done with music in today’s world. I do hear some tunes that are good every once in a while, but I refuse to part with my money on anything nowadays.

    “All or nothing politics” is what I’ve been calling it. Started about the time of “It’s the economy stupid” and perpetuated with “You’re either for us or against us” until the present day.

    Merileee hits it on the head, though. The Brethren’s advice has been such for a long time now.

  2. Merilee says:

    I think that there is definitely a lesser evil. I’ll let you decide which one. I liked the first presidency message that was read about voting. I know they do that around every election but I had never thought about praying about the candidates before. Good advice I think.

  3. Sheri says:

    I’ll have to check out the Wombats.

    I agree with you – both candidates are jokes. And don’t get me started on how my vote doesn’t even matter because of the stupid electoral college and all of that. I just get really pissed when I think about our next president.