What should I do now?

So I am tired of Arizona, want to move, England would still be my first choice, but I do have a few people counting on me now. My kids like the Fulton Elementary school, my wife can not be further than 200 yards away from her parents house, and now I am stuck. Should I do like my dad did to us way back in 1990, go to another place, then call later and say “By the way, we’re moving”.

I think I am also coded out. I like writing code, and I like doing the things that make a difference. But so far, there is nothing I can think of to do to help make the world a better place, except for destroy all the Big Oil execs and put responsible people in charge for once. But since I would be unable to legally do that, I need some ideas from everyone.

1. Should I move?
2. If so, where?
3. Why should I follow your advice?
4. What application, on which platform (ie web, Mac, iPhone, etc) would you like to see?
5. What greater good what this application accomplish?
6. How come they sell the best beverage in the world, I am speaking of egg nog of course, only around Christmas time?

I await your answers. Right by my system, I am waiting. Looking at my screen, waiting.

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  1. Marc C says:

    1. No, at least not yet, see #4
    2. Close to our neighborhood, so we can watch football every weekend.
    3. I’m not your wife.
    4. The app for the restaurant wait times, like we talked about; tied to the GPS of the phone and it gives times of the closest restaurants. This will enable you to move anywhere you want and provide the funds to visit the fam and vice-versa.
    5. Greater good???? Come work for the guvmint for awhile and you’ll see how much fun the greater good is or how much people appreciate it.
    6. Nothing good about eggnog, but I can have a thick chocolate milkshake whenever I want.

    Since this is a tough decision, you need to be living right with the Lord and then make a decision. Things are never easy, but when we’re living right, life is so much more simple.

  2. amyf says:

    um… I guess I’m sorry my post was so long. I suppose I could have said the same thing in a shorter post. I will work on developing some synopsis skills.

  3. megan says:

    Oh I thought of another thing you could work on. I want to be able to text my order into restaurants when I make a take out order. I don’t want to have to call in blah blah blah.

  4. stephen says:

    If we need to move, which I really feel we need to, and where I feel we need to be is in the Yorkshire area of England. Maybe even a little south of that area. I just feel that is where I need to be right now for some reason.

    And by the way Sheri, eggnog is awesome. I bet even Ian would drink it night and day. We could go to Eggnog Bars, and Eggnog “breweries”. They would sell eggnog at football games, and have the same cut off time as the alcohol sales. A new law would have to be created DUIE, driving under the influence of eggnog. I would be so busted.

  5. elise says:

    First, I have to defend myself. I am more than willing to move. I’ve said so over and over. I moved voluntarily on my own when I got home from my mission and I only moved back for Stephen. So, when he says I am not willing to move he is misled. I love and crave adventure and I always have. Do I think it will be a piece of cake? No, but I’m not scared of a challenge either.

    I don’t know where we should move. I hate to put all the pressure on Stephen. I would hate it if it were all on me, but in the temple I got an answer that I should move wherever my husband feels we need to go. This may be where some of the confusion is coming in. I am not there going,”let’s go here, or there”.

    I think you should follow my advice because I’m your wife and every decision we make affects us both. Sorry, I know that doesn’t help the stress, but you asked.

    I think the home teaching application you were talking to Tom about would be good thing. It would help the world by giving men more time to be with their families instead of on the phone.
    Then I think you should do the restaurant app because that I think could create revenue for us.

    Again, I am in agreement with Chris on the eggnog question. Also, I think that it is such a thick drink that it needs to be cold outside to drink it. Otherwise it is too filling.

  6. Alisa says:

    I vote for you to stay for purely selfish reasons. I understand the need to get out of Arizona because I have that need myself. It’s too hot and it doesn’t rain. If you have to go..I will forgive you…..one day.

  7. megan says:

    1. Should I move? I think you guys should because you have been saying you want to for so long that it would be nice just to accomplish that goal. Plus we are all starting to doubt that you guys will actually go! HA!

    2. If so, where? Decide what you and Elise ( I guess your kids to but they are still young enough to adapt easily) about what you want in a house, or in a place to live. It all depends on what you are looking for. If you want snow move somewhere where they have snow, etc… I think Elise is willing to move. She has told me so many times

    3. Why should I follow your advice? I have no reason for you to follow my advice. I just understand how hard it would be to leave my family, but also know it would be a great adventure to be out on my own.

    4. What application, on which platform (ie web, Mac, iPhone, etc) would you like to see? the restaurant wait time thing that you have been talking about.

    5. What greater good what this application accomplish? It would help people decide what restaurant to go to and would make restaurants work harder to bring down their wait time. Although would this mean that they rush people eating? Already people say that is a reason Americans are so fat, because they eat too fast and being full doesn’t register

    6. How come they sell the best beverage in the world, I am speaking of egg nog of course, only around Christmas time? Well I don’t like egg nog but I would have to agree with Chris. If they sold it all year people would not think of it as such a treat and sales, even during Christmas time would go way down

  8. Chris C says:

    Steve see my answers below…

    1. Should I move? — Yes
    2. If so, where? — Wherever your family wants.
    3. Why should I follow your advice? — Because I have done it.
    4. What application, on which platform (ie web, Mac, iPhone, etc) would you like to see? — iPhone – voice navigation.
    5. What greater good what this application accomplish? — It will help us get to where we need to go.
    6. How come they sell the best beverage in the world, I am speaking of egg nog of course, only around Christmas time? — Because if they made it available all the time we wouldn’t appreciate it.

    I have to send Merilee down to AZ 3-5 times per year to satisfy her family craving. If you move be prepared to spend the cash to keep your wife happy. When the wife is happy the family is happy.

  9. amy f says:

    For us, moving away has been a really great experience. Sure, we miss our families, sometimes terribly, but we like being out on our own and a little more independent. We like getting out of our comfort zone sometimes. We like meeting new people, seeing new places, and the funny things they do in each place (out here, a “toboggan” is a hat and chili has spaghetti noodles in it – what???)

    We also like that it has significantly strengthened our testimonies and our dedication to the church, because there isn’t really a gray area – either you’re making that effort (out here, it requires more effort) or you’re not.

    We like creating our own traditions, and we like not having to figure out how it will be physically possible to attend ALL the various family holiday parties. But, that is also a drawback – we don’t get to spend the holidays with our families (well, at least not my family, as Rich’s parents live with us currently, and he has a brother out here).

    Some other drawbacks of living far away: our kids don’t know their cousins very well, or their grandparents – especially great grandparents; it is VERY expensive to visit, so we only get to do it like once every 5 years with all the kids… NO JOKE; also, we are far away from being able to help family and from them being able to help us (you learn to rely on your ward family much more).

    But, all in all, I think it has been the best thing for our family – to live away for a while. We have grown a lot in many ways.

    Best thing to do (in my humble opinion), is to ponder on it for a while, consider the pros/cons (it helps to write these down), think about what you’d like to do or what you think you’d like, figure out why you want to leave AZ, discuss it with your wife and maybe even the kids, and then pray about it and see what happens.

    I LOVE the East coast area, but it is SOOO far.. I kind of want to move somewhere like Colorado or Oregon, or Northern AZ where we can still enjoy the weather, trees, etc, are still a little away, but close enough to be able to visit now and then.

    But, who knows – maybe we’ll end up back East again. The most important thing is to be willing to go wherever the Lord tells you to, even if it’s somewhere you never thought you’d end up (i.e. New Jersey, Kentucky – what??). I could be happy just about anywhere, so long as my family is with me.

    Sorry for such a very long comment… I speak from 11 years of being away. :-)