I may be becoming a drone

I know everyone is posting about So You Think You Can Dance. I just had to jump on the boat. I’m not putting up any clips though. My sisters and I spent about 4 hours on Saturday watching our Tivo’d episodes. It was time well spent. Addie was almost in tears when she told me she wanted to be a dancer when she grows up. I am so stupid, cuz I was so choked up when she told me that. I love it when kids can see beauty in art.

Anyway, so Megan and I are thinking about having a finale show/dance party. Ok, maybe I just made up the last part. I don’t remember. This is a party, we will have dancing?! ( This is a castle. You do have tapestries?!) We still have to run this by Mom first because she had the great big TV and the most room. Anyone want to come? Let me know. I think it would be so fun.

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  1. amyf says:

    ooohh… I want to come… even though I don’t watch that show. :-( Too bad it’s only 3 days’ drive away! Boo hoo!