Yesterday Stephen graduated from University of Advancing Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering. Despite everything else going on, I was on a high all day. I am so proud of him! This has been 7 years in the making. He has worked extremely hard w/ school and always working a more than full time job on top of that.


There was an amazing speaker at the graduation that Stephen really admires. He is one of the foremost physicist in society today named Michio Kaku.



He was very funny and made his point about being innovators in science and technology for the future through jokes and anecdotes.

I guess that was just a side note, but one worth mentioning.


Stephen was amazing. You’ll notice a gold chord around his neck. Yes, that means he graduated suma cum laude, however you spell it, or w/ highest honors. When they were announcing the valedictorian they said that normally it was very easy to choose. That normally one student stood out from the rest, but this year was different. This year there were a few and they wanted to honor them all. So they called out about 4 names and had them stand before announcing the actual valedictorian. Stephen was the second one called. This was a great surprise to me, and to him I found out afterward. Neither of us had any idea that he was a candidate for that position. I think his dad was about to cry.




Here he is actually getting his pretend diploma. Of course they mail them to you later.



Greg (Popito) and Mom and Dad came with me. It was so nice to share this with them. Dad took a picture of me with Stephen as well, but I am being vain and not putting it up. I look horrible and no one wants that anyway.

So here graduate.jpg is my graduate.





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  1. alisa says:

    How’s your Dad doing, Elise? I’ve just been thinking about it and was wondering. You were so calm and collected when you were over at my house the other day telling me about it. After you left I was like “Could I be that in control if it was my Dad?” I think not. You’re awesome! Let me know if I can do anything. Your kids are welcome to come over any time if you need to go to the hospital or something…let me know!

  2. Marc says:

    Congratulations Steve. Sorry I couldn’t have been here for that. From our conversations about your school work, I knew you didn’t need some of the garbage they made you study, but “the man says you gotta have a piece of paper to drive the bus” (insert Otto inflection), well now you’ve got that piece of paper so you can proceed to change the world one web page at a time.

  3. kim horak says:

    Congratulations Steve. I always knew you were awesome. How good does it feel to be finished with school?

    Good luck on the job hunting. I know you’ll find something great.

  4. alisa says:

    Sometimes your blog won’t let me post comments! Whats the deal…are you cutting me off? J/K…Congrats, Steve! I didn’t know you were so smart!!!

  5. amy f says:

    Wooo Hooo! Congratulations! I am very happy for all of you…. now, if we could just get Rich to finish! :-)

    Happy job hunting – I’m sure you’ll find something just right.

    love ya lots!