Spring Break

Ok, so it’s been awhile. this spring break has been crazy and we didn’t even go anywhere. I am definitely ready for some rhyme and reason to my days again (as I always am).

Here’s a quick summary.

Kas basketball camp. layup-shot.jpglayup-made.jpg

Every morning the first week of break we took Kas and Andy to basketball camp. I am talking 8am. I’m glad though because it made it easier to keep up w/ sleep schedules. Going back to school was actually kind of easy this time around. After camp Kas just stayed at the Childs’ house. I only saw the poor boy for about 2 hours a day. Thanks and sorry Melanie!

Cubs game. We had a lot of fun. We had Grandma’s amazing seats and Kas kept crawling up on the dug out to get autographs from the players. No one would pay attention to him though. Finally DeJesus, an older player had pity on him and tossed him a game ball. That just made his week. Antoinette had fun just with the experience and all the snacks she could eat. Zo, however, was incredibly bored and let all of us know it. We only stayed for an hour so we could get the girls to their dance class, but it was still fun. Thank you Grandma for providing a great spring break outing.


Easter was great. Merilee’s family came down, Emily’s family came down, and Ty and Shanda came down, so we had a big crew at Mom’s this year. It was a blast watching all the kids go absolutely insane. I love hanging out w/ my family too. I took some fun pics on Merilee’s camera of egg dying but didn’t really get any on my own. I also didn’t get how beautiful my children and husband looked all dressed up on Easter Sunday. I hope someone else did.

Here are a few from Easter morning before church.


Yes, my daughter did wear her swim suit to bed the night before. She was so tuckered out that she just crashed after playing all day. Here is why.water-slide.jpg

Nana B surprised all the kids w/ a super fun Easter present. She picked it up on Saturday at Sam’s Club. I knew I got my impulse buying from somewhere. 😉

Thank you Mom! The kids love it. So, when are we having the grown ups only slide party?

To finish up the break, we had the Blue and Gold Banquet this week for cub scouts. Kas got his wolf and we are very proud of him. His is half way done with his Bear as well. That one should come right about his b-day in September.wolf-day.jpg

So, only 8 more weeks of school for the kids, 5 more weeks and 3 weeks til graduation for Stephen, and then on to summer! Woohoo!

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4 Responses

  1. alisa says:

    Thanks for bringing your kids to the party on Saturday! I know Saturdays can be busy. I have to tell you that the “musical” card has been a real hit around our place. Especially Delly, she thinks that is the funniest thing ever! I got some great pix of Drey and Kaz but I’m saving them for a different post. You’re girls were quiet until it was time to take a whack at the pinata. Then they loosened up!

  2. Sheri says:

    Wow! It sounds like you guys had a great break. Congratulations to Steve – 3 weeks until graduation – that’s AWESOME!