Yesterday was the first dance class for my girls. They were so excited! We even went to parent/teacher conferences dressed in their dance clothes. I was nervous, based on past experience, that they would even get the nerve up to go. I’ve been fooled by innocent excitement before and spent many mornings sitting by a public pool, in a gym, or on the side of a soccer field wondering why I even bother putting my girls in lessons at all.

Unbelievably, and thanks to Kas running in with them, they not only stayed in the room, but participated eagerly. Woohoo! This is a happy day.

Now my only questions are, why does my 5 year old have a better figure than me, and how can I keep them from becoming teenagers?

sister-dance.jpg bar1.jpg

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4 Responses

  1. Sheri says:

    What little girl doesn’t love dance? they are so cute…when you figure out how to not let them become teenagers – share the secret with me! We already have girls calling the house…

  2. Darilyn says:

    Yeah, they get older and it is a little sad. Enjoy the dance classes. Do you get to sit outside the class by yourself while they are in class? That is my favorite part.

  3. Merilee says:

    Very cool. I’m glad they got the nerve up to participate. They both look adorable in their little dance clothes.

  4. Alisa says:

    They looked so cute in their outfits yesterday at the conference! Avery is dying for me to put her in dance class. Where do you take lessons?