This is London

Victoria Station

I am now back in the States, and London was great. I flew out of Marrakech on Friday midday, and landed in London late afternoon. We took the trains from Gatwick Airport to Victoria Station and then rode the tubes. That city has mass transit perfected. Great set of maps, tubes, and can get you anywhere you need to be. From Victoria Station, we were able to take the tubes to our hotel, then back to the center of town. It was just brilliant.

Then there was just so much to see and do, but it was rather expensive there. We then went to see some of the sites of London. Our hotel was in the West End area, Acton. We went into the center of town, Piccadilly Circus, and then went around to see the sites. Like Parliament, Big Ben, River Thames, The London Eye, London Bridge, Tower of London, and Tower Bridge.

Big Ben London Eye and River Thames All of us in front of the Thames and Parliament in front of the Tower of London

The Tower of London was a really great experience. You could see the same bricks from so long ago, and I just liked the whole experience. We took a lot of great pictures, and here is only some of them. We went to the entire area, including the Bloody Tower, the Armoury, and the Jewel Tower. There was a suit of armour there that stood seven feet tall. We were all wondering who the heck would be tall enough in old England to wear that piece of armour. It was just a little baffling.

Inside the Bloody Tower The chapel inside the tower 7 foot ceremonial swords 7 foot armour, i have no idea which Brit would have worn this piece

There was so much to see and do while we were there. We did get to see a lot of the Tower of London. But I did get a picture with Paddington Bear while I was there. It was a big, huge stuffed animal bear there. We also went on the London Bridge, which is not pictured below. London Bridge was just some boring bridge that was really plain. Tower Bridge is what is depicted below, and that was impressive. Then there is a skyline view from the Tower Bridge, with a building that looks like a Fabrage Egg, or a bullet. In person, it is so much more round, it looks more egg shape in person.

Picture with Paddington at the Tower Tower Bridge as seen from the Tower of London London skyline from the Tower Bridge

Then there was Buckingham Palace. One of the guys with us, went to look for Abbey Road, and I could care less. Beatles suck, so I had no interest in finding a busy street that almost everyone was going to try and find. And Jon said it was a busy road, and that so many people were there trying to get the same shot. But we went to Buckingham Palace, I needed to claim the throne as my own, and restore the Crown to the Hird family line. Ok, so that did not work so well. The cops were armed to the teeth. But that was a great area. The Palace, Hyde Park and tree lined streets. So beautiful.

Tree lined streets at Hyde Park Guards armed with automatic weapons The Palace

But there was also things we found from Harry Potter. There was the train station from the first movie, platform 9 and 3/4. They actually put up a sign, and clopped off a trolley and put it in the wall so you could get a picture of it as you were trying to go through. The freaking phone booths did not take you to the Ministry of Magic though. I am going to have to write to someone and tell that that though. It was quite upsetting. I was going to put a stop to Malfoy right away, but the freaking booths just did not want to cooperate.

Bus for Witches and Wizards, right Phone Booth Train Station Platform 9 3/4

And of course there was so much more that I am just not going to write about, because it would take up the entire internet, then everyone would be upset at me. But this was wild. Oh, and I got a pic in front of the Tubes in the center of London. Guess what the name was . . . . .

Piccadilly Circus

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  1. stephen says:

    No, but I did walk by it, or I think I did. There were a ton of theatres downtown. We could have gone to any one of Les Mis, Phantom, that Oz play about the witches (forget what it is called), a few other ones that I forget what it is, but there was a ton of plays to go to.

  2. Monique says:

    Way to support England on your shoulders, Steve!
    Strange, I always think that about the bricks, too. I haven’t been anywhere as old as the tower, but when I go back East, it’s always inspiring to me that I’m touching or looking at the very same bricks that Thomas Jefferson, or George Washington, or some random dead guy was looking at or touching 200-400 years ago…so cool….

  3. megan says:

    i want to go to england so bad! especially because i am reading the other boleyn sister and so i want to go see all those old buildings and beautiful country side