First Full Day in Marrakech

So I made it the full day. And it did not start too well. I actually slept last night, which is a change from any time before. I had a meeting at 9am here, and I woke up at 9:15. So I had to hurry, shower, and then run out the door. Once I did that, I had to ask the concierge where I needed to be, and was told two different things by two different people. Finally I made it to the place I needed to be, and I was plenty late. Luckily, I have been told I have a very specific purpose here, and as long as I do that, I am ok. Whew! After the morning meetings, we had lunch provided to us, and then I came back to change real quick.

We then broke into groups and went into town on a guided tour. It was great with a guide. He kept all the street vendors, and urchins, and beggars out of our face. He took us to see a snake charmer (picture included).

Snake Charmer

Then we went and I had a monkey sit on my arm. This actually made my day. Other people were afraid of the monkey, not me. I wanted to hold him. He was a very good monkey. He let me hold his hand and everything.

Monkey Man

So then we walked over the shopping area in the downtown area. He led us to all these neat shops. I bought my wife a good present. But it was nice to see all these different places. I would never have gone by myself. If the guide had not been there, I would have stayed here. Now that I have been to the town, I do not need to leave the hotel again until we go to the airport.

It has been a good first day. There is more to do at this conference and I need to do my part. I can not wait to get home though. I am still debating about whether or not I am going to get on the plane to go back over the Atlantic. That flight really sucked.

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  1. Sheri says:

    I wish I could hold a monkey. They are cool creatures, but I’ve heard they can be vicious. I hope you have a good rest of trip.

  2. elise says:

    I am so glad you had a great day. I showed the pictures to a few people over at Mom’s and they all loved them. The girls haven’t seen them yet though.

    Sorry you were late, but you must have been super tired to sleep in, or sleep at all. That never happens.
    So, what is your specific purpose at the conference?

    Love you!