Ok, here is a 2 for 1. I have been asked a few times where ducklips came from. Emily also wanted to hear some Kasmir stories. Well, this is all one and the same. Most of you know that Kas was around for almost 4 years before we had the girls. Everything in Steve’s and my life was about him.

He started talking really young and even learned to reason, explain, and deliberate by the time he was 2. I remember one time he told on his daddy for swearing, while at the same time he made sure to let me know that he, himself, didn’t say words like “damn it”, he said “dang it”.  Another time he was counting his friends. He was about 3. He was telling us who his best friends were and what order this went in. He even included his aunts boyfriend at the time, who is now his uncle. Stephen sat patiently waiting for him to say Daddy. He didn’t. So, Steve asked kas where he fell (in the line up). Kas, without hesitation, looked at his daddy and said, “in a hole”. Laughter exploded out of him as soon as he finished saying it. Laughter exploded out of me too, and as much as Steve pretended to be hurt, he was doubled over as well.

Kas was always thinking and his mind went faster then his mouth would let him speak. It still does.  Well any time he couldn’t understand something, or didn’t like what he came to understand, he would stick out his lips so far that they looked like a duck bill. ( I have also noticed this trait in his sisters and a lot of his cousins.) I started calling him Ducklips and even wanted to put together a photo journal book about him and call it “Ducklips”. I never got around to it though. I think this is because I never got any pictures of this particular look. How sad is that. I did, however, call my photography business Ducklips Photography and it has stuck. Ever since then my screen name has been, guess what?

The picture at the top is one of my favorite pictures of Kas and Steve took it. My two favorite boys.

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  1. Chris says:

    It’s the Goop! Ask him where I rank on his list? I would imagine it’s a little worse than “a hole”.

  2. Sheri says:

    I loved the hole story too. That’s hilarious. Hey – there’s someone I know who needs someone to design a website for them. Is Steve interested? If so, you can e-mail me his e-mail address. My e-mail is: