So today has been very full and I thought maybe I should write it all down. I noticed the other day that I have a tendency to forget things. Kas wanted me to tell him stories from when he was a “kid”. I guess he is grown up now. Well those of you who know Kas know that he was just about the funniest, quick witted child ever. (I think Max Trezise might be pulling a close second though after reading Sheri’s stories on her blog.) Well, I was having a really hard time remembering stories for him. I did remember a few, but that is for a different topic. I just decided I should really start writing things down so I don’t forget.  (Geez, what an intro.)

I officially gave my notice to quit working at Ritz Camera. My actual last day is Feb. 28th. I wanted to give my manager a bit of time to find someone new because she is really short staffed. Plus, she’s my friend and I felt really bad quitting on her when she just got the promotion and handed a store that needs some work. I really did enjoy working there and am a little nervous about the financial aspect of it all, but I was feeling like too much stuff at home was sliding and I was stressed and harried all the time trying to get things done. This way I will not have to work the day after Steve gets back from Morocco and I won’t have to find someone to leave all three kids with someone during spring break. I am quite excited to feel more organized and on top of things. I hate feeling like I am neglecting my family.

I have also figured out what I want to do w/ my photography and I will focus more on that as well. More of that to come but, let’s just say, there is a “give-away” in the works. I’ll probably put it up next week.

So on my way home from work I was listening to Sean Hannity. I know, I’m a total nerd. This is when I find out that Romney dropped out of the race for President. I completely understand and respect his reasons, but really, I almost started crying. I can’t see any of the people running for president as viable candidates and I am bracing myself for heading into a socialist country. I only hope we can get some conservatives in the congress so there are some checks and balances. Ok, I’m not on my soap box today though, so I guess on to another subject.

I took Antoinette to the allergist today to figure out why she has been having so many problems lately with sinuses and asthma and her eczema. They gave her an allergy test. Here is what she is allergic to: cats (good bye kitties. I am actually sad about this.) dogs, pretty much every type of grass there is in AZ and half the trees. Those she got the highest results for. These ones are the lower results, two different types of house mites and cockroaches. Weird! The doctor suggested we do allergy shots, but since we’re not quite sure if we’ll be here after graduation in May we are holding off. Instead she is taking singular and seeing the doctor again in three weeks to see how she is doing.

After the doctor we stopped off and got shaved ice as a treat for her being so good even through all the itchy stuff. Thank you, Megan, for the pizza. That really hit the spot after today’s events.

Here are a couple of random pictures I took out my car window on the way to work. Who else thinks it’s weird that we have pelicans in Chandler?



Oh yeah, Darylin, I just had to let you know that there is water running in the Salt River right now so there is actually a reason for our bridges this year.


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  1. Emily says:

    Um, I really need the bridges, here.

    England? Cool!

    It’s funny how different our political opinions are. Not fair, though, to harrass Romney over his magic underwear. I mean, that’s just asking him to explain his religion, which would’ve been a dumb move as a presidential candidate. Plus, what other politican was asked about his underwear. SHoudln’t people just be happy that he wasn’t a complete religious hypocrite. On the other hand, he did legalize gay marriage in Mass. Hmm… Maybe I was a little quick to say he wasn’t a hypocrite. I don’t know. To each her own!

    Go job quitting! It’s always fun.

    Where’s the when-Kas-was-a-kid stories? I have a Casimir who comes in to visit me. His best friend is my student. His girlfriend was my student. He thinks it’s great that I know a Kasmir. He’s Cas, too, but a teenager and Navajo. Wow! Long response! See what you get for a long post?

  2. Darilyn says:

    What? Have I missed an important conversation here? You are moving to England? I want to see that river with the bridge over it. And Elise, I’m so happy that you feel peace over quitting your job. That certainly means it was the right decision. I didn’t know Romney had dropped out. How sad is it that I get my news from Blogs?

  3. megan says:

    great blog! nice and long. i’m excited that you quit your job! I think you guys should move to England. Not that I want to get rid of you guys. I would miss you I just want a reason to get to go to England and have a place to stay. Plus how freakin’ sweet would it be to say that you had lived in England. That is pretty hypocritical of me to say since I fear moving more than anything else

  4. stephen says:

    We are going to England. If I hate the flight to London, and I like the London area, then I am not getting back on that plane to go across the pond. I am just going to call Elise, tell her to get the kids ready and fly over. I will worry about a job later.

  5. Sheri says:

    I know how you feel – I’ve wanted to quit work for a while and I work at home! Financially, I can’t but I dream about it all the time. I really admire you for putting your family first.

  6. Merilee says:

    Congrats on quitting work! Good luck feeling more organized. I don’t work, but I still feel like a Freakin’ basket case.
    Don’t freak out on the political crap. Even if we have a crazy government everything pretty much stays the same anyway. Besides, you might finally be able to get that late term abortion you’ve always wanted. Sorry, I know that was in poor taste.
    Poor Addie, allergies suck!
    Pelicans? Weird!