So tired

today we released the new site for where I work. It is finally done and it actually has some content. You can look at it if you go to (which by writing this, should make a link for you suckerheads who are too lazy to copy and paste that URL yourself). It represents a ton of hours spent working on it, redoing some of it, and hours of trying to explain why a certain thing would not work. But it is done now and I am off to another project that will take up countless hours.

And then there is my crappy DSL connection. I hate this stupid freaking thing. While everyone else that has Qwest DSL is getting speeds of over 3Mbps, I am struggling to get 1Mbp. And I am lucky if I get that. And if it rains, my connection goes out. And do not tell me it is the wiring in the house. Shanty Town is not the problem, it is the idiotic way Qwest ran the lines. We are on the back end of a T1 loop with the Basha’s warehouse, and we get whatever they do not use. It is pathetic. And no matter who I call and complain to, they do not care. And Cox cable is even worse. The cable line runs very close to the house, and they refuse to bring it out to the domicile. So no cable internet there.

And you know what, I hate the internet, and the web and all the dang tools and sites that are on it. Ok, maybe I do not hate it, but right now I am just so spent that I could care less about anything technical. The Amish have it right. We should all go Amish.

I do not know what I am even going to write in this blog. I hate diaries, and refuse to even read anything I wrote before. Blogs are going to be the same thing. I will probably never read anything else that I write. Sometimes I even wonder why I installed this thing in the first place. I know now, Elise wanted it, and then started to use the craphole Blogger. We may as well complete the circle of idiot web programs and create a MySpace account as well.

There is no such thing as the internet. We are all hooked in to the matrix and we are being sucked dry by a maniacal machine which thinks it is better than us. Nuts to that . . . .

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  1. elise says:

    Great job on the web site! I went and checked it out again and you did a fabulous job.

    Get some rest Sweetie. You deserve it.