School starts tomorrow! I am definitely ready for some routine and a steady bedtime around here. We just had FHE and now Kas is reading his sisters a bedtime story. I love that.

For FHE tonight we made some goals, family and individual goals. One of Kas’ was to finish speech this year. To accomplish this, he is going to read out loud every night. He already reads at night, but not out loud. I was watching The Notebook the other night and when Noah’s dad says that Noah used to stutter so he made him read poetry, I thought what a great idea. I think I will start assigning Kas some fun poetry, but for now he is reading stories from the Friend to his sisters and I think that is fabulous.

Antoinette decided she wanted to Choose the Right more because she didn’t think she did a very good job of it last year. Those are her words, not mine. So, she is wearing her CTR ring and CTR shield necklace she made in primary to bed with her tonight. She really is a funny girl.

Zo said she loves everybody in our family and Brecken and Karsten and Natalie. Sorry Tom, Steve kind of helped her understand better what a goal was before she got to your name. So then she made a goal to clean up after herself more and not leave it all for Momma or Kas to do for her.

I made a goal to read the Doctrine and Covenants all the way through. I know, I was supposed to do that when I was 11. I even was really bad and said I did. (I’m so sorry Diane.) I’ve actually felt bad about that for a really long time. I’m sure I read most of it on my mission, and in Seminary, or Institute. I just have never read it all the way through, cover to cover and I really want to do that.

I will let Stephen share his goal w/ you all if he wants to.

We also set some family goals to work on. Better family scripture habits, a more peaceful home, a cleaner home (kids doing dishes.Woohoo!), and more organized to move when the time comes. Don’t worry, we don’t really know when or where yet, but Stephen finishes school in May. Another big Woohoo! This has been 7 years in the making. He has worked so hard, but that is a whole other blog.

Here are some pictures just for fun of the girls holding their little cousin Catcher last night.


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  1. Darilyn says:

    I just tried posting and it erased everything. Ugh! I had my husband set up a new blog feed thing and it obviously isn’t working. I’m so glad i decided to check the old fashioned way. I’ve missed some good posts here. I like your goals and congratulations on surviving the years of Stephen’s schools.