Finally . . . .

So I did some stuff that Elise has been asking. She has been asking why not get a site on line. So I had a site built, and on line for quite a while. It fizzled. So did the next few versions of the site. The last version of the site was ok, but it wasted resources bad, and the image gallery I had up became very temperamental, and then I had to reload it. However, it still did not help.

Oh well, I finally said “Fine, the last few sites have gone down the drain, so I am just going to use WordPress as the base and let her run with that”. So I did. I themed it up and then added a few plugins. Now it is here.

But there is more to learn and do for her, and then start to post. Plus, I set up a place for Kas to post as well. So now he can do some posting stuff as well, and then be able to get Boston and Mason’s blogs as well.

It is here now, and I may post as well in the future, but there is not much more for me to say, except that drivers in the Phoenix Metro area SUCK. That is right you stupid sucks, you suck!

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  1. elise says:

    Thank you for making this wonderful blog for me. I love it. Hope you are having a great day at work and watch out for all those suckity suck sucks on the way home.