It’s a Guy Thing

This Christmas was a wonderful one, not for the things I got (although I was spoiled), but for the generosity I saw in my family. Stephen and I decided not to exchange gifts. Wait, actually Steve said if he had any presents under the tree he would be mad. Absolutely no gifts! I told him it was too late, the kids already got him somethings. So, I didn’t get him any of the things I wanted to. I just wrote him a letter and put it in the tree.

So, I got up Christmas morning and and it was wonderful. We always have breakfast and watch a movie of the Christmas story before we go in and do any gifts, including Santa.

Believe it or not Kas came up with that tradition. Then we went into do presents. As Stephen was handing out gifts to the kids he hands me gifts as well. He so cheated!!! (ok this is why it’s a guy thing. I’ve talked to 3 other people who decided the same thing and all the husbands got gifts for their wives and thought they were so tricky.) Well, Steve had earned some extra money doing a web site for a company on the side while also working about 50-60 hours a week and taking 20 credit hours of school. I told him he could do whatever he wanted to w/ that money. He had worked very hard and really deserved to reward himself. Instead of getting what he really wanted and has been wanting for quite a while, he spent the money on me. I was very surprised. One of the things he got me was a little point and shoot camera that I had been wanting. It’s awesome! I love my gifts and feel incredibly lucky to have such a generous husband.

So here I am uploading pictures, that I have taken on my brand new camera, onto my brand new laptop while lying in bed watching Futurama with my wonderful husband.

cimg0006.jpg cimg0011.jpg cimg0042.jpg


cimg0061.jpg cimg0067.jpg cimg0221.jpg

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