Fantastically Overwhelmed

I have entirely too much to write to do it all right now. I’ve been at my mom’s making tamales for most of the day and will go back and make more, after running to the store for brownies for Steve’s primary class tomorrow, as soon as Zo goes to sleep.

For some reason this year has been so hectic. I didn’t feel like it was going to be last month, but I think that is because I kept putting things off to this month because I had so much going on the last. This is a case of total procrastination and denial of it all. Well now it is 3, really 2 days till Christmas and who still has things to buy and prepare? Me that’s who! Oh, did I mention that I work on Monday as well? Ok, so at least it’s all kinda fun.

The best thing that is happening though is that Meg had Catcher. Congratulations out to the proud parents of the almost 10 lb giant baby. Well, maybe not giant. He is so incredibly sweet. Everyone is so excited that he is here though that he is only 2 days old and already this is old news. The coming home tomorrow will be all the excitement all over again though.

OK, it’s 10:30 now and I have to make it back up to the store before they close. I probably won’t write again till after Christmas. So…..


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